Speedwork Thursday and an earned dinner treat

Good morning and happy Friday!

Yesterday was Speedwork Thursday. I’m really beginning to not like Thursdays. 😉 This pretty much sums it all up…

Speedwork ebib

Hah! We had 400’s on the schedule and I was assigned 8 of them. One of the coaches ran my third one with me and stayed with me for the next three after. It definitely helped me push myself, even if I wasn’t as appreciative at the time 😉

In the end though, I am feeling pretty good about my splits. I definitely need to focus on consistency, but…


  • 2:07
  • 2:00
  • 1:52
  • 1:55
  • 2:01
  • 1:57
  • 2:02
  • 2:00

I desperately needed some grub after we finished, and decided to reward my hard work with some Chipotle. Because what could be better?!

Taking it back a step, my lunch was pretty dang delicious and uber simple. A sliced green pepper and a quinoa/brown rice mixture.

Some other standouts from the day…

Thumbs up

Two thumbs way up

Not for me

Interesting flavor- think intense seasoning

Question of the day

Tell me about your Thursday workout

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