What a great day!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

My day yesterday rocked and rocked! It was such a great day!

Work was good. Felt like I was productive but not overly stressed. I got to have a delicious sushi lunch and catch up with one of my coworkers I hardly ever get to see.

We went to Tsunami Sushi, where I got the sushi lunch combo.

After work, I made the trek out to Tampa for the Fit2Run Wednesday Fun Run 5k.

Saucony came out and had a bunch of shoes for us to demo.

I tried out the Triumph model and am pleased to report, I could actually run in these. I’m pretty partial to my Brooks, but the Saucony’s did not feel bad or different and I could see me getting used to them.

I was so so so proud of my time.

I know it’s gonna be a slow process, but I love seeing little bits of improvement. And…don’t tell the others, but I love that I am now passing others and posing some real competition to them while run/walking.

Actually!! After the run, I went up to one of the guys I was pretty neck-and-neck with for the first half of the run to ask how he did. He shrugged and said, “I finished”, then proceeded to say that, “there was a girl that kept passing me walking so that was kind of embarrassing”.

Whoops! 🙂

A group of runners from the Wednesday night crew always go out after the run, and invited me to tagalong.

We went to Brickhouse Tavern, where I had some of the yummiest chicken tenders ever.

And!!! Wait for it… A beer. I never drink beer! I swear this is the first beer in my life I have ever actually finished. It was good!

It was a Curious Traveler Grapefruit Ale. I think this is what it looks like…

Oh, and yesterday was my eighth fun run with the club, which means…

Question of the day

How AWESOME was your Wednesday?

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