It’s gonna be a long week, Tempo Track Tuesday, and a failed Workin Out Wednesday

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

It’s gonna be a long week. Not a bad week- just long.

I’m working in Winter Haven everyday this week training a new hire, so it has me waking up much much earlier than I am used to. Winter Haven is about an hour drive for me. And we all know how much of a morning person I am NOT!

I did get to watch the sunrise. And it was beautiful!

For lunch, the girls in the office and I all got Tropical Smoothie. My hummus veggie wrap and berry bliss smoothie were both amazing!

I had 35 minutes on the schedule for Tempo Track Tuesday. It was hot, but I really feel like I beasted this run.

I also totally ended the run rocking out to Limp Bizkit’s Rollin and can only imagine how cool I must have looked to those behind me. 😉

And, that last sentence has reminded me that it is Wednesday. The day of my new Workin Out Wednesday posts where I share what song(s) I’m rocking out to. Yeah! My newfound sleep deprivation had me on autopilot and I totally spaced. Whoops!

So…this weeks jam can go to Rollin. Just don’t tell the Boy- he so does not like Limp Bizkit and makes fun of me for singing/dancing along like a dork.

I ended the night with a stroll down memory lane (and foam rolling). I pulled out all of my old art supplies from college. I went to an art school for my marketing degree, and still have all of my sketchbooks, fancy pencils, watercolor paints, etc.

I’d show you some of my old drawings, but…that would just be embarrassing. 😉

Questions of the day

How far is your drive to work?

What did you study in school?

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