Ants on my pants!

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! Even with all the rain yesterday, it really was a lovely day!

We were pretty lazy for the most part, but early afternoon decided to get ready and went out to run some errands. I even put makeup on!

I don’t normally wear makeup- maybe once a week if I’m not feeling too lazy- unless you count chapstick.

Since we were in the area, I insisted we stop for Jeremiah’s Ice. I am so in love with that place! This time I opted for passion fruit vanilla gelati. YUM!

Between our errand-running, I was able to find the two last Lay’s Do Us A Flavor varieties I’ve been missing out on.


I wasn’t terribly crazy about either of these varieties, and am crowning the West Coast Truffle Fries #1 in my book.

After arriving back home, I was upstairs about to pack up my workout bag when I noticed a few ants crawling over it, then I noticed a few more, and then I noticed even more in the bathroom (right next to wear I leave my bag). If you ask the Boy I am over-exaggerating the amount of ants we had to deal with, but if you ask me one ant is more than enough.

The Boy does not think there is any sort of infestation to worry about, and that they just came in to avoid all of the rain we have been getting. I don’t care why they got it; I just want them gone. I then spent the next two hours tidying up all that I could while the Boy laid out some traps.

I felt like I reached a good stopping point and then resumed my pre-work prep, which included packing up my lunch and snacks for the day.


Oh, and then this happened.

Seriously! Chafing sucks! It didn’t hurt at all Sunday, but then yesterday decided to rub up against everything and become raw. Fun!!

Question of the day

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

Jeremiah’s for the win!

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