Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

There’s technically still one more day left for this nice long weekend, but I thought I’d check in with my weekend recap up to this point.


The Boy and I had a nice date night out at our favorite spot- Crazy Cafe.


On the way home, we stopped by Sports Authority because I needed to pick up some fuel for my Saturday long run. They were having a sale on a Camelbak hydration pack I’ve been considering so I grabbed that too. 😉

Just a little long run prep…



I woke up before the sun came up! After a quick breakfast, I headed over to Tampa to get in my 12-miler. It was a great run, even if it was crazy hot! There were a ton of cute puppies out on the trail to distract me from the heat.


I think I’ve mentioned before my struggle to find the right hydration/fuel storage unit for me. I feel like I’ve tried everything- hydration waistpacks, running belts, handheld water bottles, using my car as a pitstop. I don’t like how things around my waist bounce and weigh me down, and the handheld water bottle can get really annoying. I’ve been thinking for quite some time that something on my back would be right for me; quite frankly I’m just getting tired of investing in these products and then them not working out. Sports Authority assured me I could return the Camelbak if it turned out not to be for me.

Much to my surprise I LOVED the Camelbak. It held everything that I needed it to- including my iPhone 6 Plus. The only thing I did not like, was the horrible chafing on my arms from the straps.

Yes! My hair does look this good after running!

I’ve never experienced chafing like this before. Ohmigosh! It hurt so bad; however, it did not start to hurt until after I completed the 12-miler. Unfortunately this isn’t something I can just learn to look past, so I returned the unit. I now have more to go off in my hydration pack quest. I’m currently leaning towards Nathan Sports’ Zeal. But, we’ll see. 😉

After my run, I rewarded myself with my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season. YUM!


I straightened up around the house and then mom and I went for pedicures.

Once the Boy got home from work (he works one or two Saturdays a month) we went out to grab some dinner and for some reason ended up at the mall food court. We both got a chicken teriyaki bento box. It was so good!


The rest of our evening was spent at home watching Sons of Anarchy– we are just starting season one.


I tried to sleep in but woke up wide awake at 8:15. There’s always tomorrow though…

We had a nice lazy day and a very rainy afternoon. The Boy worked on a couple projects, so I enjoyed some episodes of Gossip Girl. Yes! I know, I am super behind on like every show.

Have a great rest of your long weekend!

Question of the day

What (so far) has been the high and low of your weekend?

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