Speedwork Thursday 

Good morning and happy Friday!

Oh yeah! It’s Friday! Woot! Woot!

I had a great day at work yesterday, and while at 4:30 I got tasked with a rush project that I was sure was going to make me late to my speedwork session, I arrived with a few moments to spare.

But let’s back up a bit… Check out my lunch. Yeah, it tasted as good as it looks. Better actually! A quinoa and brown rice mixture and a tomato and cucumber salad. Yum!

For last night’s Speedwork Thursday, we had mile repeats on the schedule. I was assigned two to do with a five minute rest in between. It was super hot out, and as soon as we started our main workout (mile repeats) the wind picked up. And not in the way we wanted!

I’m pretty proud of my splits! 🙂

I was so proud, that I thought I’d reward myself with a delicious veggie salad from Chipotle! Yeah, don’t question my logic…

Although! Recent revelation…at Chipotle quac is NO charge when added to a veggie salad. Score!

Also, I was pretty excited to get my Training Club gear last night.

The remainder of my night was spent watching Sons of Anarchy with the Boy and foam rolling.

Question of the day

What are you looking forward to this long weekend?

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