Running days and some airport squirreling 

Good morning and happy Thursday!

This week is flying by! You won’t hear me complaining though; I am so looking forward to redeeming myself with my weekend long run!

Speaking of running… I have been feeling great! 🙂 I really feel like I have rocked my running this week.

Tuesday I had a 35-minute Tempo Track session, and while it was crazy hot, I felt strong and my pace seems to have improved.

My run last night was the Fit2Run Fun Run 5k. Once again, hot, but felt good and strong. My pace was slightly better than Tuesday- which was nice to see.

Nike sponsored this weeks fun run and had some shoes for us to demo, and a raffle (I didn’t win). But I did get free shoelaces!

I decided to give the demo shoes a try; they were definitely very comfy, but not for me.

I am normally a size 7, but wear an 8 in Brooks so I grabbed an 8 in the Nikes. They felt good until about halfway through the run; I probably could have used an 8.5. Asides from that, they just didn’t make my feet as happy as my Glycerins do.

And now I’d like to share some of the randomness from my day…

This cupcake was the BOMB!

It really sucks when on Wednesday you realize you were supposed to charge your Jawbone Up on SUNDAY!!

All of the Fit2Run runs I do are on the backroads by the mall, which is right by the airport. I love airports and I love watching planes take off and land (just not being in them and flying), I also have the attention span of a toddler. I’m sure I look like Dug the dog from Up getting squirreled by every plane I hear.

This car looks really cool from the back! I couldn’t tell what it was (it’s a Fisker Karma) so I had to investigate a bit closer like a creeper.

And, the Boy made me a tasty dinner from a recipe he found in one of his magazines. Very tasty!

Question of the day

How have you been feeling this week (running-wise or life-wise)?

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