Two days and three runs later…

Good morning and happy Thursday!

It has been a great week, but I am ready for the weekend to be here!

Tuesday morning I met up with Joellyn for a nice run. It was just an “extra” run for me (hence not on my training plan), so I went out completely for fun, and had a blast.

We ran on the Riverwalk- which I have run countless times- but it was so great not to care about my pace or time and just enjoy the sights!

Joellyn lives much closer to the office, so she offered to let me get ready for work at her house. Afterwards I made a much-needed coffee run. I chose to try out Kahwa coffee. It was great! And really reasonably priced.


After work, I had to get to my Tempo Tuesday session at Fit2Run. I met the nicest girl there too! Her name is Andrea, and she just joined the training group. She is training for Honolulu in December. Lucky!

I had 35 minutes on the schedule for the day. It was a great run, even if it was like 200 degrees out.

I decided to work from home yesterday, as I had a few things I needed to get done and just wanted the peace and quiet.

At 5:00 I started getting ready for some fun…the Fit2Run Fun Run that is. 😉

Hoka was sponsoring this week, and brought out a bunch of shoes for everyone to demo.

I went ahead and gave ’em a try; hey you only live once. Hehe! I was given a pair of the Bondi style, and immediately after putting them on was amazed at how comfy and cushiony they were.

Post-run, I have to say I am not a fan. Yes, they were very comfy, but I felt wobbly while running in them. And my form just felt off; also, my knees and even my hips started to hurt by the end of the 3.1 miles.

And, just for fun… I just bought the cutest purse. You can check it out here!

Question of the day

(It’s a random one) Do you use compression socks and/or sleeves?

And, if so which ones?

19 thoughts on “Two days and three runs later…

  1. Love “fun runs” where you don’t have to worry about paces and mileage! And you got to go with a friend, which makes it even better. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Hokas.. I feel like people either love them or hate them!

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  2. I use CEPs! I’m not sure I notice a difference. When my Achilles was all jacked up, I wore them for all long runs and races. Haven’t touched them all summer long though. I go in phases with them. I’ve never tried HOKAs before but for some reason I hate on them. I don’t have a reason, they just seem so clunky!

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    • They really do! Don’t they?! I had a pair of Altras I ran in for a couple months and hated them. Oh gosh! They were so heavy and boxy! The Hokas I could actually wear when NOT running.

      I’ve been looking at CEP. I don’t wear compression sleeves/socks during my runs, but love them for recovery.

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  3. I am currently wearing my compression socks right NOW! My shins were a little tight this week and I’m NOT going down the route that I did last year! I use CEP Compression sleeves and I love them! I don’t run in them but use them for recovery. I bought mine at FitNiche (Lakeland).

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