Workin Out Wednesday: Music Edition

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

A couple of my fave blogs (here and here) are always posting the great tunes getting them through their workouts, and I always so look forward to reading them.

So…welcome to my new Wednesday ritual. It’s Workin Out Wednesday: Music Edition.

Cold War Kids

Skip The Charades

This song was accidentally (and thankfully) added to my iPod. And since I can’t seem to be trusted to load my iPod with more than seven songs that don’t just play on loop, I have some time to get to know this jam. 

And, I love it! It’s just fun and has a good beat!

Question of the day

What song are you playing on repeat?

7 thoughts on “Workin Out Wednesday: Music Edition

  1. Oh….this is going to be good! I love seeing/hearing what others are in to with music! My Power Song….always on repeat….
    (Which I probably need to change!)…”Inside the Fire” by Disturbed AND “You Can Do It” by Ice Cube. I can’t get enough!!! Help! I need some new ones!

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