A quiet start to the week; a busy start to the week

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a great Monday!

Monday Inspiration

My Monday was quiet and crazy busy all at the same time. I’m not complaining though; it was 5:00 before I knew it.

The Boy and I had a much needed Costco trip to get to after work. We grabbed a bite to eat at the cafe (it’s our Monday ritual now), and then got to shopping.

I didn’t eat much during the day, so by time we got home from Costco, I was feeling snacky.

I made a little ham-radish-Laughing Cow cheese, clementine, apple plate. And washed it down with some True Lemon infused water.

I really do love my True Lemon packets; I love lemon-infused water but am bad about forgetting to use my fresh lemons before they go bad- the packets are my savior. 😉

Monday was a rest day, so we spent the remainder of our night working on some projects and watching Netflix.

The Boy made himself a snack before we turned the TV on…

And, even though the idea completely grossed me out, the end product was pretty dang good…

Question of the day

Was Monday a rest day for you?

If not, how was your workout?

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