Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

We have lots to catch up on, so let’s get to it…


Max and I made our way to Orlando, but not before a much-needed stop for coffee. 

We got our booth setup just in time for lunch, and found a cute deli for some quick eats.

We checked into our hotel- the Westin Orlando. And then there was lots to do to get ready for the evenings festivities.

We started our night at The Pub for dinner and drinks, and then by popular vote decided to move the party to Minus 5° ice bar.

Ohmigosh! That place was cool! (Pun intended). It was 19 degrees in there. When you first walk in you are equipped with a parka and mittens, but it’s still freezing- especially when you are wearing a dress and sandals.

There were a couple more bar stops, and then we all headed back to the hotel. I wasn’t drinking, so I threw on my running gear and headed over to the hotel gym for some speed work.

I moved up my Thursday speed work ladder session to Wednesday night because I felt it was going to be too tough to complete the next night.


Thursday was a go-go-go kind of day, and by time we got back to the hotel there was no running in my near future. So, let me just show off some food pics for the day… 😉

Breakfast buffet at Cafe Osceola

Chicken salad wrap at 18 Monroe Street Market

Spaghettini at Fiorella’s


It was the final day of the tradeshow. At 4:00 we were released to breakdown our booth and pack up. We were on the road within 30 minutes, and just headed straight for home because the past couple days had finally caught up with us and we were pooped.

We made it home just in time for the Boy and I to make our Friday tradition- Crazy Cafe.


Although my alarm went off at 5:30, there was no way I was prying my exhausted butt out of bed. I decided in that moment to push my long run to Sunday.

I stayed in bed until about 11:30 and it was glorious. I then proceeded to enjoy a nice lazy day.

We met up with my family for dinner at Chili’s (my brothers pick), and for some reason I was feeling fajitas. They actually were pretty tasty.

The Boy and I spent the rest of our night watching Empire Records. Love that movie!


I set my alarm for 5:00 so that I could get in my long run early and outdoors. Once again, I did not want to wake up. (I didn’t sleep well at all in Orlando). I decided to make my long run a treadmill run later in the day.

After a pancake breakfast and some laziness, I made my way over to the gym. It was fairly quiet, and I picked a nice treadmill to enjoy for the next couple of hours.

10 treadmill miles for the day! It was not easy, that’s for sure.

But I did it!

I had my fist ever root beer flavored GU during the run. The flavor reminded me more of beef jerky- it was very weird. 😉

I was starving by time I finished, and rewarded myself with a Chipotle salad and a chick flick- My Best Friend’s Wedding.

The Boy and I will likely spend the remainder of our night watching Netflix.

And for some random and exciting news…

Guess who just got selected to be a Fit2Run Ambassador?! Um…this girl! I’m so excited!

And, just for fun…

Question of the day

What was your high and low of the weekend?

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