Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

I have had a great weekend! I hope yours has been just as awesome!


I had a late liquid lunch- Watermelon Whip from Xtreme Juice- and it was delicious!


By time I got home though, I was ready for dinner. I had a super early morning to prepare for, so the Boy and I kept it simple and ordered pizza and spent a nice night in.


We decided to try out Munchies; it’s right by the house, but we always seem to stick with our staples. The pizza was pretty good (not great), and the garlic knots and wings were disappointing.

We spent the remainder of the night watching episodes of Penn & Teller: Fool Us before my 11:00 bedtime.


The alarm went off at 5:15. That is so early! I was up and out the door by 6:00.

The Fit2Run training group meets at Upper Tampa Bay Trail early on Saturdays for the groups long runs (during the “cooler” months of the year, long runs are done near downtown Tampa where I am used to running).

I had 9 miles on the schedule, and was a bit nervous and anxious with this being my first run out at Upper Tampa Bay Trail. I knew they had water and was told they had bathrooms (never did see them…unless you count the outdoors), but how do you plan for you if you’ve never been out there…?

Lately I have been doing runs and just carrying my key (in-hand if 3 or 4 miles) or in my SPI-like running belt. For this run, I opted to strap on my Camelbak hydration waist pack.

I’m really not a big fan of this thing, but have struggled finding a suitable alternative. First world problems.

Back to the run…

The trail was so beautiful. The weather was perfect.


And, I felt GREAT and strong.


On the way home I stopped at Wawa for coffee, and the cashier made my day and really made me feel like an official runner.

(After he noticed my Garmin and Jawbone Up) Cashier: “So you run a lot?”

Me: “Yeah”

Cashier: “What do you run?” Like 5k’s or 10k’s or…?”

Me: “Marathon(s)”

Cashier: “What’s your longest? Like 10k? 5k?”

Me: “I’ve done a marathon.”

Cashier: “How many is that?”

Me: “26.2 miles”

Cashier: “And you ran that? You didn’t bike it?”

Me: “Yeah, I ran it”

You really had to be there! It was pretty good. 😉

I finished my coffee in-between some foam rolling, and then put on my FAVORITE iTunes radio station: Florence & The Machine station and hopped in the shower. I really love Florence!

I was running out of time but pretty desperately needed a pedicure, so I decided to try a place right by the house. Who knew such a gem was 3 minutes from me?! I have a new go-to, that’s for sure! And pretty painted toes…


I spent most of my afternoon at a coworkers baby shower. I had never been to one before… I’m more of a dog person. Hah!


It was fun, and mama and papa-to-be definitely got a ton of stuff for their baby boy who is due in just under 4 weeks. 🙂

The shower was right down the road from my parents house, so I went over to say hi. Mom and I decided to go out to the mall together.

Ever since I really started running late 2013 my feet have become very picky with their footwear. The majority of my shoes I don’t wear because I almost can’t. So when it comes to buying new shoes, I go for comfort. And luckily for me, Crocs was having a pretty kick-butt sale.


Don’t make fun of me! 😉

We invited dad and the Boy to meet us for a late dinner at Ruby Tuesday. I guess I hadn’t eaten enough after my morning run because by time we got to the restaurant I wanted everything on the menu. I opted for ribs with mac and cheese and the salad bar. Super healthy, I know.




I didn’t allow myself to sleep in, and woke up around 9. I had a couple things I needed to do for work and a project I told my mom I would help her with.

And the Boy was sweet enough to make me breakfast. Pancakes and cheesy eggs! Yes!

[insert picture I should have taken here]

The Boy and I went to the gym, and I had a pretty awesome leg-day. I even incorporated some of my training group drills, and then finished with some foam rolling. Yeah, I was that super cool girl in the corner rolling around on the floor. 😉

For dinner we had our new-fave, black bean burger with an egg on top. We also had some udon noodle soup on the side. It was a weird combo, but it was delicious.


And now, I hear Netflix calling…

Question of the day

What was your high and low of the weekend?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Cashier conversation was the highlight!! That was hilarious!!!

    For me? High: Got my Saturday run in and didn’t DIE (from heat exhaustion)
    Low: I saw myself in my shorts and sports bra while changing for said Saturday run and LITERALLY wanted to DIE! Diet…Back.ON.TRACK!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m cracking up at several things in your post. “And you ran that? You didn’t bike at all?” HAHA. Also the part where you are all “I went to a baby shower. I’m more of a dog person.” DYING. Soooo like me – except I’m a cat person. Although if I had a dog as cute as your Smoke (Smokey? I’m so bad at names) maybe I would be a dog person. Love your pizza shot – we do pizza every Friday and call it a picnic because we eat it in front of the TV in the living room! Best night of the week!

    Liked by 1 person

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