I miss my nugget…and treadmill miles!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

The week has had a funkiness to it. The days feel completely off, but I’m surprised Friday is already almost here.

And, I’m really missing this little nugget.

I seriously cannot get over how yummy these Morningstar black bean burgers are. Yeah, I don’t care that we had them for dinner two nights in a row- they are good.

For lunch yesterday I ordered a smokehouse salad from Grandpa Johnson’s. It super yummy, but is a “heavy” salad.

After work I just really wasn’t feeling having to make the drive from Plant City to Tampa for the Fit2Run Fun Run; in 5:00 traffic it takes just around an hour to get there. I opted instead to go the gym and get in my run on the treadmill. I had a great 3.1 miles!

I met up with mom for Wok Wednesday at Wok Chi.

I spent the remainder of my evening foam rolling, watching Friends reruns, blog reading, and doing some computer work. What can I say, I live a wild and crazy life…

Oh, and just for fun…

Miss Boo got her first ever brand new car delivered yesterday!

Question of the day

How do you spend your wild and crazy evenings?

5 thoughts on “I miss my nugget…and treadmill miles!

  1. Okay, the egg on the black bean burger. Mind BLOWN. Not that I never saw it before – the local pub we frequent has it on the menu – it just never, ever occurred to me to make that at home. I stared at your picture for like three minutes in amazement. So doing this!! You are by far my favorite foodie!

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