Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

I had a great weekend over here, even though it rained more than I would have liked.

Friday night

We met up with my parents for dinner at Red Robin. I ordered a new-to-me burger (the DGB); it had a very good flavor but just ended up not being the right thing for me at the time so I only ate half of it.


We did some quick mall-shopping before calling it a night. I was pooped and was in bed by 11:00.


I had plans to meet up with the Fit2Run training group I have been working with for the week. They meet at 7:00 at Ballast Point Park on Saturdays. I got stuck behind a garbage truck and pulled in right at 7:00; I saw no one from the group and after walking around the park still did not see anyone familiar. I decided to drive to the opposite side of Bayshore and park where I normally do for my solo runs and just get in my miles that way. I had planned on 7, but was having a hard time getting into it. I had it in my mind that I would be running with the group, and when my (running) plans change it tends to throw me way off. At just over 3 miles, I called it and decided to run the remaining miles later on the treadmill.

I don’t like the idea of splitting up my mileage, so I’m not happy that I did. But, it wouldn’t have ended well if I had stuck with it.

After breakfast, I met up with dad and we went to check out Bass Pro Shops (it just recently opened in the area). It was busy and kind of disappointing- but, I’m partial to REI and Cabella’s.


The Boy and I then went into Tampa to run a few errands and eventually stopped at PF Changs for a late lunch/early dinner.



We made it to the gym with just enough time for me to get the remaining miles for the day in. The treadmill portion of my run was much better. I felt strong and my mind was definitely in it. Even though I downloaded a new book (through Oyster) that ended up being complete poop, it was still a great run.

Afterwards we went by my parents house to pick Smokey up. Their air is still out! 😦

Once back at our place (in the AC), Smoke found the best spot in the whole house.


Yes, those are my legs on either side of him.


The Boy and I were super lazy today. I napped in-between our pancake breakfast, and then devoted some time to catching up on all the blog reading I have gotten so behind with.

After lunch, the Boy went to the gym and I stayed home to work on foam rolling, core work, and week one of the Equinox marathon training strength training program.

For dinner we made some of the tastiest burgers! We got these at Costco recently, and tonight put one each on our Foreman grill, then topped them with (well I did at least) a sunny-side-up egg, lettuce, cheese, avocado, sriracha, mayo, and ketchup. Yum! Yum! Yum!


Weekend Randomness

I am loving my new Brooks Vanguard sneakers for casual/weekend wear. I got them here.


And, I am loving the September issue of RW, especially the hilarious and informative article on the business of porta potties.


Question of the day

What was your high and low of the weekend?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. LOL Still need to get to that issue! Looks like a nice weekend. I’m familiar with the pet pose (legs) – my cats do the same thing! Although I’m not a fan of rain, we actually need it – I’m going over to my aunt’s house later to fill up her pool, because the water keeps evaporating due to the low humidity. Not that I’m complaining…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow! That’s crazy!

      I always hate how much I take the weather for granted. I complained nonstop while it rained for two weeks straight and wanted nothing but the sun to come out, and then when it did, I complained because it was too hot. 😉


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