Hot, hot, hot!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

It has been a busy couple days! But, I’ve been having fun! And, the sun is back and in full force, so that’s a big yay!

I made it out to Fit2Run on Tuesday to try out their training program. It was super hot and I ended up leaving covered in gnats. Super gross, but I had a great time!

I am calling this workout “track-tempo-Tuesday”. We did a 10-minute warm-up, followed by some “track” drills (not actually done on a track), and a 30-minute tempo run- or, if you’re me and were dying because you hadn’t seen the sun in two weeks and it was 200 degrees out- a 30-minute run. 😉

Yesterday, I met up with Kim for Fit2Run’s Fun Run 5k. It was still (thankfully) nice and hot out; I felt great and strong, which was AWESOME!


And, I was so proud of Kim for 1) making it out, and 2) for rocking her run!

CEP was there for a demo.

It was nice to see that they released a new, thinner version of their compression sleeves. I would have loved to have tried them out, but I don’t care to run in compression sleeves/socks (I like them for recovery), and it was just too hot out.

After my run, I met up with mom at Starbucks. I grabbed a little snack and was dying to try their new cold brew.

With a little sweetener, it was very tasty!

My parents AC went out LAST WEDNESDAY, and their home warranty company and the AC repair guys they send out have been stringing them along, and…well…it just hasn’t been a fun situation.

My parents are trying to tough it out, but I know they must be miserable. I keep inviting them over. And finally, I had enough of it and picked up Smoke. So, we have a visitor… 🙂

He’s doing well, and…it never dawned on me that he had never experienced stairs before. Haha! He was pretty scared, but it was pretty cute.

Question of the day

Tell me, what has been the highlight of your week so far?

—For me, trying to get out there and be more of a social runner has been new and exciting!

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