Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

I was tempted to not even post a weekend recap because I’m just not all that proud of my weekend, but I try to be as transparent as possible on here, and like to post the good and the bad. So, here goes…


My mom was rear-ended Thursday afternoon while on her way to physical therapy (for the surgery she had 8 weeks ago). She’s fine, and the car is driveable. But, I immediately left work when she texted to let me know what had just happened. In-between everything else that transpired Thursday evening, my 4-mile training run was the last thing on my mind.

The next day, I called my mom to check on her as I was on my way to pick up lunch. She was getting ready to go to the clinic in South Tampa. I didn’t want her driving that far by herself, so I Ieft work to take her. That quickly turned into a mess, and we eventually made our way back to the emergency room in Brandon.

Once we got the “all clear” from the ER, we headed home and then met up dad and the Boy for dinner. I’ll give you one guess. 😉

Crazy Cafe, of course! We tried a new-to-us sushi, Fantastic Spicy Tuna. It was very tasty…and I forgot to take a picture.


I have been feeling so run down all week, and have felt like I’m coming down with something. The Boy had to work on Saturday, so I slept in (I just really didn’t want to mess with an alarm). I had a ton of things I wanted to do, but once I got up, I just had a hard time getting going. And, next thing I know, it’s 6:30 and the Boy is getting home.

I got ready and we went to dinner- Smokey Bones. And, of all things, I wanted a pulled pork sandwich.

It was okay, but I don’t see me ordering it again.

Our Brandon gym closes at 8:00 on the weekends, so we went out to Planet Fitness in Plant City. I tried to get in my long run on their treadmills, but just couldn’t. I’ve mentioned before that their treadmills irritate me to my core, and have a hard time getting in 3 miles on them, let alone 7.

So, I told myself I’d just push the long run to Sunday. Either outside if the rain (that has been going strong for 2 WEEKS!) decided to lighten up, or at our Brandon gym (with the good treadmills).


What I was not planning on, was to wake up and feel like I was dying. I woke up today with the worst headache, and I felt so nauseous. Just opening my mouth felt like I was going to hurl (TMI, sorry).

At 4:30 this afternoon, I realized I had not eaten a single thing all day, and only had about two sips of water all day.

It’s now going on 7:30. I still feel rather beat, but am hoping to be back to my normal self tomorrow. Thank gosh for chewable Airborne!

Question of the day

High and low of the weekend?

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