Salad and running- two of my favorite things

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I had a great early morning run yesterday. I’m really digging this whole 5:30 AM thing; now I just need to make it an everyday thing.


I did 4 miles solo yesterday, on what I found to be a very slippery Riverwalk. It has been raining since Thursday on and off, but mostly on, and the Riverwalk was very very slippery. I did not fall though, so I call that a win.

And, check out the sunrise…


I made my way home to nap and get ready. Yeah, I need to work on the whole nap thing after my early morning runs. I want the nap; I don’t need it.

Our recent Costco trips had me procuring salad fixins as I have been going through some major withdrawls. I was super excited for my lunchtime salad. This one included: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, white onions, green onions, red onions, artichokes, avocado, feta cheese, pink salt, and a little balsamic vinegar.


Yes, it was as good as it looks!

After work I went to Peltz Shoes as I wanted to check out their selection of Teva sandals. I need a good pair of comfy, easy to throw on sandals that offer a little support. I have a pair of Sanuks that are just so flimsy they start to hurt, especially after long runs.

I didn’t find what I was looking for, but at least I now know what size Tevas to order, if I decide to go that route.

I don’t know what has been going on with me lately, but I have been so tired. After getting home, I sat down and within minutes crashed. An hour and a half later I woke up. I don’t like napping, and would much rather prefer to fall asleep at a decent time each night and not be up till midnight.

For dinner, I was craving another salad. This one included: romaine, tomatoes, an assortment of three types of onion, artichokes, walnuts, feta cheese, pink salt, balsamic vinegar, and a sunny side up egg on top. It was a weird collection of ingredients, but it definitely worked.


The remainder of our night was spent watching Maleficent while I foam rolled. It was actually a pretty good movie, but Disney can do no wrong in my eyes. 😉

And, last but certainly not least…

I’d like to wish a BIG happy happy birthday to my baby sister! You’ve accomplished so much in your 19 years; I can’t wait to see where life takes you next. I love you, Miss Boo!



Questions of the day

Do your feet/hips/etc act up depending on the shoes you are wearing?

What do you like to wear when you are not running?

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