Weekend Recap and then some

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been so bad this week! I hardly blogged and I hardly read any of your blogs. It was a crazy week- a good week- just crazy. But, I’m happy to be back.

We’ve got lots to catch up on, so let’s get to the recap…

Wednesday and Thursday

I was tempted to skip these days in the recap because I completely failed as a blogger. 😉 I visited a couple of our east coast offices (West Palm Beach) for the first time and failed royally by not taking a single scenic photo. I had big plans after work on Wednesday and was so stoked to get in a good run while doing a little downtown sightseeing, well…work and weather had other ideas. I did however get in 3 treadmill miles at the hotel’s quiet gym.


Please note: when you have the attention span of a small child, do NOT set the treadmill view to a 5k loop.

this was taken during a walk interval. 😉

I had a ton of fun visiting the east coast, but all of the travel resulted in more fast food stops than I would have liked.


The Boy and I had to run out to the mall after work to pick up his new suit (for Saturday night), and continued the streak of too-much-fast-food with a stop at Dairy Queen on the way to my parents house.

My parents went to North Carolina for a long weekend to visit family and the Boy and I stayed at their house to look after Smokey.


I woke up at a fairly early hour to get in my 6-miler. It had been raining since Thursday and looked like it had quieted down enough for me to run outdoors. I headed out and almost immediately it began to sprinkle. Before I even made it to the end of my parents street, I looked down to check my watch- that’s when I realized I forgot my watch. Yeah, I don’t even know how that happened. But anyways, I took that and the fact that the thunder was becoming increasingly more frequent as a sign to bring the run inside.

After some breakfast and reading, the Boy and I went to the gym where I got in my 6-miler on the treadmill. It was a good, sweaty run!


We picked up Tropical Smoothie and headed to our house to shower and grab a few things before the nights festivities.


Martinis for Moffitt! And I had two dates. 😉


Martinis for Moffitt is an annual event that raises funds and awareness for cancer research. It’s always a great event, and this year did not disappoint. We danced (and drank) the night away…


In killer shoes!



We got home super late (3AM), so we slept in quite a bit. Put it this way, we were trying to figure out what to do for breakfast at 12:30. 😉 We spent our Sunday being as lazy as possible and then hit up Costco for some lunch-time provisions.

I am now looking forward to a lazy Sunday night in front of the TV. We’re wild and crazy, what can I say… 😉

And, before I forget…

The Bose Soundsport headphones I posted earlier in the week did not make the cut. I am not happy about this because I had high hopes for them (and because they are super cute). As soon as my ears started to get sweaty they began to slip out, and I just can’t have that. It becomes too distracting to my run.

I returned them to Best Buy with no questions asked, and grabbed a pair of the Beats (wired) PowerBeats2 to try out.


So far so good! Thankfully! I have run three times with them thus far and have no complaints. They are comfortable, stay in place, and have good sound quality (although I’ve only used them for podcasts and an audiobook up to this point).

I will keep you posted though!

Question of the day

High and low of the weekend?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and then some

  1. My ‘high’ this weekend….getting ready for my first triathlon of the season!
    My ‘low’ this weekend…getting out to Ft.DeSoto and having them cancel the race because of inclement weather! #epicFAIL

    Looking forward to a good week of training and having better preparation for the next triathlon.

    Liked by 1 person

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