Let’s get this party started… I mean week!

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I had a great day yesterday! I love when I have a good productive Monday; it just gets the week going right!

For lunch I had my sweet and spicy Sriracha tofu and ranch seasoned broccoli on a bed of quinoa. I’ll admit, I was worried about the tofu- mostly because I royally screwed up the recipe, BUT…it was so good. The flavors definitely came together and complemented each other well. Score! For the tofu recipe, click here.


When I got home, the Boy was preparing to to leave to pick up the suit we purchased for an event we are attending this weekend. I was supposed to be home late, but my meeting was cancelled, so I tagged along with him. We decided to grab dinner in the mall food court, as my plan for dinner would have taken too much time to prepare.

I had been craving Chipotle, and basically darted towards their ordering line. I had a sofritas (tofu) salad and couldn’t pass up chips and quac. What is it about their quac that makes me want to crawl in the little cup and just die?!


After a couple more errands we finally made it back home and enjoyed as much time as we could gather relaxing (and foam rolling).

Monday was a rest day for me, but I’ll be back at it bright and early this morning! Whoo!!

Speaking of training…I’m in week 3 of my 20-week Higdon-adapted training program. But, I think I’m going to switch it up to another plan. It’s a 16-week plan, so I still have just under 2 weeks to decide, but it’s one I found flipping through a magazine (of all places), and for some reason it just keeps calling out to me. I’m still researching if it is the right one for me, but I like that it seems more challenging but not too challenging to where I might lose interest and give up..

And now for some random fun…

I’m so so proud of my uncle and his awesome girlfriend, Kristy for crushing the Door County Half Triathlon this past weekend! Beastmode! 😉

The Boy shared his fortune cookie with me. I love this!


Question of the day

Do you worry about your training plan and go back and forth, or do you just sit content with it?

2 thoughts on “Let’s get this party started… I mean week!

  1. Ohhh I am constantly revising my training plan!! I used to use a book called Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon, and then switched to Pete Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning. Then, I hired a coach. He was more of a triathlon coach which is why I chose him since I love to cross train, but he lowered my miles and barely had me cross training…it didn’t go well. I’m back to training myself, and I’ve created a plan that combines the two I mentioned above. It’s mainly Pfitzinger’s plan but I added in some of the key workouts from the other book that I like. I don’t believe there is any one right plan for anyone, I think all of them are good and mixing it up helps get you stronger in different ways! I say try the new plan. Sounds like a great challenge!

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