Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

I had a great weekend over here! I kept it relaxing and yet had a lot of fun!

Let’s get to the recap…

Friday night

The Boy and I met up with my parents for dinner. I’ll give you one guess where we went. Yes, Crazy Cafe again! I get content; I can’t help it! Hah!


We went to Kohl’s after; one of my favorite things to do is go to Kohl’s late on a Friday or Saturday night because they are open late(ish) and usually dead at that time. I’m not huge on crowds. 😉


I woke up around 7 and met up with a few of my coworkers/friends an hour later for some running! I had 5 miles on the schedule; due to some unforeseen circumstances had to cut it a bit short and clocked in 4.5 miles for the day.


My pace still appears to be slowly improving. Yay!

We decided to grab breakfast before parting ways, and headed over to First Watch. Even though I was definitely craving some blueberry pancakes, I went for the power wrap with a side of fruit. It was actually very tasty and definitely hit the spot.


After showering, mom and I met up for some shopping at Beall’s. On the way home, I stopped by Barnes & Noble to pick up the latest issue of Women’s Running. I’m loving this magazine!


And Best Buy to get these.


I’ve been wanting a nice pair of headphones and have been having a hard time taking the plunge (even though I had a gift card thanks to mom and dad!), so I finally did and got the Bose Soundsport headphones in orange.

I like Best Buy because you can try them, and if they don’t work out you can return them. It’s still too early to say, but so far they are working out well. I’l post a full review next weekend after I’ve had a chance to get in some good running with them.

I want to start incorporating audiobook listening into my training, so I got The Ultra Mindset, and can’t wait to get into it. I first heard about Travis Macy on the Runner Academy podcast and found something so inspiring about his perspective and drive. You can listen to that podcast here.


The Boy and I went to Lakeland for dinner and to pick up an order. We wen to Crispers for dinner where I had a Pick-a-pair with a superfood salad and Mediterranean flatbread salad. Yummy!



I don’t know how much we like Lakeland now; you know how you’ll have days whee everything just feels off and nothing seems to be going right…? Yeah, that’s definitely how our trip to Lakeland felt for both of us. Our plan was to go to the gym on the way back home; neither one of us was feeling the gym after the funkiness we endured, but we dragged ourselves there regardless.

We spent the remainder of our night watching Netflix.


Lazy Sunday! All I wanted to do today was be lazy, and I was successful! I woke up at a fairly decent time and enjoyed my coffee while researching, shopping, and some miscellaneous web-surfing. I was lazy until about 7:00 when I realized, “oh crap, it’s 7:00 and the gym closes at 8:00!” We made our way to the gym and rushed through back and biceps. We grabbed a bite to eat at Wow! That’s Fresh and then came home and started prepping for the work week. For me, that included cooking. Ugh!

I made sweet and spicy Sriracha tofu and will be adding it to my lunches the next few days. The small bites I had throughout making it were good, but I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow reheated.

And now I sit here with this beauty.


Sangria! The Boy poured me a glass after I finished my kitchen experiment. Cooking and I don’t get along well, and the Boy is very smart…

Question of the day

High and low of the weekend?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. You must have really awesome restaurants close by you, because I swear you always post the most tasty looking food.
    High of my “weekend day” was being back in the running mojo, and low was eating too many hot Cheetos before bed and having heat burn the next morning. lol

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  2. Awesome weekend – that sangria looks amazing! So fun that you run with your coworkers! Hope your cooking experiment went well 🙂 High of my weekend – running a trail race! Low – still recovering from a stupid summer cold! Yuck!

    Liked by 1 person

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