Christmas in July, running fun, and a day in pictures

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Yesterday was a GREAT day…mostly because I finally got my Mobot in the mail! Yay!!!

But first, it’s picture time…

My favorite “lunch out” has to be Firehouse these days. The chips…not so much.

It’s here! It’s finally here! Foam rolling and hydration in one! Oh yeah! Check it out here.

Testing out the waters… (Hah!)

I’m just a tad excited about my new toy…

Had a great (post-rain HOT and HUMID) run with the Fit2Run Fun Run club…

I’ll take all the improvement I can get…

An expensive-not-great-tasting post-run recovery smoothie…

I love my free running magazines!

Question of the day

What would your day in pictures contain?

3 thoughts on “Christmas in July, running fun, and a day in pictures

  1. that bottle is pretty awesome.! how do you like those Brooks glycerin.?? I’ve totally been eyeing them for so long, that I should just get over cheating on my Asics and buy them . lol
    My day in pictures would contain too much sitting and computer time. oops

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    • Haha! That sounds like my Sunday!

      I love my Glycerin’s! I love them so much, I’m thinking of getting a second pair just to leave in my closet so that I HAVE another pair. They are like magic, and they feel like they were made specifically for ME and my feet. It’s weird how much I love them, but I do. 🙂


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