Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

I have had such a good weekend! I hope yours has been just as good!

The Boy and I are about to put on a Sunday night movie- Aliens (his choice- mostly because I’ve never seen it), but first…


Max and I had a brainstorming-session planned for the day, and decided to take it out of the office. We started at Piquant in Hyde Park and brainstormed over brunch. I opted for the banana bread french toast, and give it two thumbs up!


After brunch, we headed over to Oxford Exchange to continue our brainstorming. I enjoyed a vanilla iced latte!



The Boy and I had our usual Friday Night Date Night to tend to after work, and chose our favorite spot- Crazy Cafe. I was sooo hungry, I ordered two things of sushi- tofu roll and Philadelphia roll- AND my normal veggie hibachi plate.


After a nice stroll through Barnes & Noble, we ended our night watching Netflix.


I met up with Kim and Joellyn for an early-morning 3-miler downtown on the Riverwalk. It was great and it wasn’t too terribly hot yet. Joellyn brought my “nephew” along as well! 🙂



After some foam rolling and stretching, I went to lay out at the pool. You know, because I wasn’t sweaty enough. 😉


I didn’t have too much time to devote to the pool and quickly had to make my way inside to shower and get ready. I had lots to do and very little time to do it! The Boy and I went to Applebee’s for lunch because I had a gift card from my birthday.

A desperately-needed pedicure was next on the list.


I think this was the last pedicure I will be able to enjoy until after the marathon. I haven’t lost any toenails to date, but have been very close and this pedicure HURT. Especially when she clipped the nails I “worry” about. Runners: is this a common thing? Or am I just TMI-ing?!

And then, it was wedding time! Katelyn (from work) and Tommy got married at the cutest little farm in Lakeland.


The ceremony was adorable and brief- which was nice because it was 4:00 and outdoors. After the ceremony we went indoors to party! We were served dinner and cake, and then a few tables were cleared out to make room for a dance floor. We (as in the girls from work) danced the night away and totally closed down the party. 😉


The night was young though, so we went over to Jay and Annie’s for a little after-party. By time we got home at 1:00, I was pooped. In my defense, I had been up since 7:00.


Sunday was my day to do nothing, so I started that off right by sleeping in and not getting out of bed until noon. And it felt so good! I then did some research on the computer, and made my meal plan/grocery list for the week. We left the house around 4:00 for lunch (Panera), a Dillard’s trip, chest and triceps at the gym, and grocery shopping.

I really want to make a more conscious effort to eat healthier and to eat out less, so today’s grocery run hurt my wallet a bit. 😉

Using a recipe adapted from here, I made my lunch for the next couple days- a tortellini caesar salad, that looks like it is going to be very very tasty.


I also made some watermelon-chia popsicles that are currently chilling in the freezer. I’ll share more on those tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Question of the day

Favorite thing you did all weekend?

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