I run because…

Good morning and happy Thursday!

I had a GREAT day yesterday, but it made for a long one. We had a grand opening event for our Winter Haven office, that had me pooped by time I got home. But, everything went well and everyone had a great time, and that’s all I ask for. 🙂

I ate my breakfast on the road- Dunkin Donuts coffee and a handful of cherries. I seriously cannot get enough!

There’s a Tropical Smoothie right next door to our new office, and by time lunch rolled around setup was in full swing, so I grabbed something quick to eat- a King Caesar wrap and a Health Nut smoothie with whey protein. Yummy! And, I totally forgot to snap a pic.

I got home at 9:00, and knew I needed to get in Day 2. I also knew if I sat down, I wouldn’t get back up. 😉

This was from the day prior, but it totally fit. This girl means business!


Yesterday’s workout: 3 miles! 3 sweaty miles in my awesome new Hungry Runner Girl tank! Love it!


It was a hot one, but I’m proud of myself. I ran at home, and since it was dark out, I stayed in our neighborhood and just ran loops. Our townhouse community is 0.4 miles around, so it can be a very boring run…and my attention span is that of a small child. 😉

But, I’m a beast!

HRG actually had me doing some pretty deep thinking when she asked how technology has effected running. Without technology (i.e my iPad, ebooks, and Oyster) there is no way I could have ever done more than 2 miles on a treadmill. With my last training cycle, a lot of my running was done indoors. If I didn’t have the technology I have today would I have ever done WDW?! Whoa!

After my run, I had a handful of fruit from the fruit platter I stole from our grand opening. 😉 Apples, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and pineapple. AND! Finally got around to trying Zico’s pineapple flavored coconut water. Oh my! It was good and so refreshing post-run!


Question of the day

Favorite thing to enjoy post-run?

11 thoughts on “I run because…

  1. I seriously want to try this but too afraid Bc I’m scared I’ll hate it!! 😁. But…I ❤️❤️❤️pineapple..so..I’m RUNNING to the store!!
    Oh…where in WH is your office? My kids are in school in WH and I work in Polk County. Must be downtown if you are by the smoothie place…which means I’ve run by there like a GAZILLION times!! Congrats on the new office!

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