Official Training Day 1 and a sore Monday

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Today marks the official day one of training! Eeh! 🙂 I’ve got 3 miles on the calendar for today that I will be tackling after work. Cross your fingers that it doesn’t storm out…

I had a pretty good day yesterday, but it was HECTIC. I was all over Polk County…getting lost at every corner. 

I started my day with Panera breakfast. I was far too hungry to remember to snap a picture, but I had a sprouted grain “bagel” (it was not a bagel, but I did ask for a bagel), a fruit cup, and of course a large Monday sized cup of coffee.

For lunch, Tropical Smoothie was most convenient. I had 3 tacos: Korean BBQ steak, cilantro lime fish, Thai chili steak. They were all good, but I will not be ordering them again. They just had a bit too much kick. I washed it down with an orange ginger glow smoothie. The smoothie was delicious! 


After work, we had way too many errands to run. We had to make a Costco run, and then ended up helping my dad with a quick project, I really needed to go to the store afterwards as I won’t have time today, so we rushed the cold items home and ran to Notdstrom Rack. They didn’t have what I needed, so we went to Kohl’s. Another strike out! Don’t you just love that?! 😉 

Then we came home and pretty much crashed.

I don’t know if it’s stress, or if I was lifting weights wrong (most likely stress), but my shoulder has been killing me. Ice helped to numb it up, but it didn’t last long. Hopefully it will loosen up soon!

Question of the day

Do you like spicy food? 

—I do, but I have to be in the mood for it. And nothing super hot!

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