Weekend recap

Happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve been having a great weekend! I know I sure have!


I had a nice light and tasty breakfast.


We had Girls Day @ the Movie set for 11:30. Magic Mike XXL was good for all the wrong reasons. 😉 Let’s just say it won’t be winning any awards. We had a great time, and really anything with Joe Manganiello is a winner in my book.

My friend/coworker Marie gave me the cutest birthday gift! She’s a two-time survivor and an all-around beast.


After the movie, we walked over to Wok Chi for lunch.


And, then when Florida decided to have a hurricane-style rainstorm, we were “forced” into doing some shopping. Hah!

After the storm passed, mom and I met up at the mall for some light shopping. Yes, more.

I was given a Red Lobster gift card for my birthday, so what better time to use it! We were so pleasantly surprised; the restaurant was not packed, and we were seated in a very nice (read: quiet) spot. I was feeling adventurous and ordered a large entree of shrimp, scallops, and snow crab legs. Oh, it was good! Even though it took me about an hour and a half to finish, it was worth it.


This is my victory face…and buttery hands!


After relaxing for a little, we drove out to Planet Fitness in Plant City for a late-night workout. It was like 11/11:30 and the place was dead!


We worked chest and triceps, and then I got in the stand-up tanning bed for a few minutes.


Happy Fourth of July


The Boy and I got to bed late the night before, so we slept in quite a bit. I did some computer-stuff and then got ready for a barbecue my family was invited to over at Tim and Beth’s house (a couple that was stationed out in Colorado the same time we were). The food was great! As was the company.



Beth made a delicious coconut cake!


We didn’t stay too long, as we needed to get to my parents house to take care of Smokey. Smokey is not a fan of fireworks, and hid under the desk all night long.


The Boy and I left my parents house just before 11 and went over to Target to pick up a few things. We spent the rest of our night being lazy.


After breakfast I went to lay out by the pool; once I was covered in sweat, I decided to hop in the pool. 😉



We then got ready and headed over to the gym. I started with an awesome 3 miles on the treadmill at a much-faster for me pace. I was proud of myself for maintaining the increased speed for the run intervals during the 3 miles.

Back and biceps work followed.


The Boy needed to run by Home Depot on the way home, so we grabbed some takeout nearby. Green Island used to be my usual spot, but it’s been well over a year since I was last there. I ordered a strawberry black tea with boba, and a Japanese beef bowl.



We enjoyed our little dinner picnic while watching Gravity. GREAT movie with tons of suspense!

And now, I must foam roll…

Question of the day

Favorite thing you did all weekend?

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