Feeling frisky on day four and a fun run!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I wasn’t feeling terribly well Tuesday night and kind of fell asleep at, oh I don’t know…8:00…and stayed asleep.

So, let’s catch up!

I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies this week to nimble on throughout the work day. Actually, here’s a helpful tip if you’re kind of kitchen-lazy like me: buy the $10 4-pound veggie tray at Costco and portion it out for the week. Super simple!

I’m loving my fruit bowls and veggie snacks!

I’m taking a break from the Salad Pool at work, so I’ve been doing a steamer veggie bag, packet of tuna, and some quinoa for lunch. Delicious! And so simple to make!

I was able to wrap up a work project just in time to meet Mr. Chris for the Fit2Run Wednesday Fun Run. It was 6:30 so it was so so hot out! in spite of the heat, I was really proud of our time. Mr. Chris was worried he wasn’t going to make it in the heat, but he did! And he did GREAT! 🙂

I then finished my night with an hour of yoga. Since I hit the hay so early the night before, I missed Day 3 of Yoga With Adrienne’s 30-Day Challenge, and wanted to get in both Day 3 and Day 4. I’ve really missed yoga, and really believe in the value of a daily practice- it’s just amazing what it does for my body and mind.

Day 3- focusing on balance and core

Day 4- “Day Four on all fours”; “Feeling frisky” focusing on the back

Questions of the day

Do you do yoga? At home or in a studio?

What’s your favorite fruit and what’s your favorite veggie?

6 thoughts on “Feeling frisky on day four and a fun run!

  1. Okay, I need to start your yoga challenge! I love how each day is focusing on something different. I’m an ashtanga yoga instructor and I feel the sequences you are posting would freshen up my routine! Loving your fruit and veggie bowls, too!!

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