Kicking those Monday Blues to the curb

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I definitely had a case of the Monday Blues yesterday, but nope, I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

As soon as my day started it was just nonstop, one thing after another. It wasn’t even lunchtime and I was already super frustrated.

We picked up Johnson’s Barbecue for lunch. I wasn’t feeling my usual order (Smokehouse Salad), so I opted for grilled BBQ chicken with sweet potato waffle fries and a side salad. It definitely hit the spot!


Once 5:00 rolled around, I rushed over to the gym to get in a circuit workout and to pound out some my Monday Blues. Oh my! I was so proud of myself! Even after my killer weekend workouts, I was a total beast during the circuit. I felt like i was on a time crunch, and that really played into my mindset for the workout; I was crushing it! 🙂 And…I was covered in sweat by time I left.

The Boy and I needed Costco supplies, so we went there for dinner and some quick shopping. I bought a ton of fruit and veggies to nibble on this week! And…what’s a Costco trip without…


I met up with my friend Kat for a drink at Ryuu. It was Mojito Monday, so I ordered a raspberry one. It was very tasty!


And, even though I didn’t have time before work, I still made sure to get in my 30 Days of Yoga day 2 session.

This one was awesome! And, it definitely had me sweating.

Question of the day

Ever done a 30 day challenge?

13 thoughts on “Kicking those Monday Blues to the curb

  1. Great job on your Monday workout!! The yoga challenge looks like fun! Right now I am doing a 30 day plank challenge. I am about two weeks in and have stuck with it so far 😉 Good luck with your yoga challenge!

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  2. I’ve never done a 30 day challenge but I’d really like to get involved with one. I was thinking perhaps joining a Pure Barre gym after my next marathon to focus on a non-running goal : )

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  3. I had some monday blues going on yesterday too & my circuit workout def changed my mood! I did the whole 30 challenge earlier this year and enjoyed it. Although I didn’t stick to the rules 100%, I definitely learned some things throughout the process. Good luck with your challenge!

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