Let’s catch up!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Whoa! It’s been awhile. We’ve got lots to catch up on.

We left early Saturday morning for a long weekend in Pensacola. I had every intention of posting while out of town, but we were just go-go-go. So, let’s get to it…

Friday night

The Boy and I had our typical Friday Night Date Night at Crazy Cafe and then ran a couple errands before heading home so I could pack.


I picked up mom at 6:30, and after fueling up, we hit the road.


It’s a seven hour drive from Tampa to Pensacola (with a time change!). I had never before that driven more than a couple hours, and it was just my mom and I going, and with her surgery having been so recent I was nervous (to say the least). 😉

The drive itself was actually not bad. We stopped a couple times, and were there before we knew it (around 1:30). We checked in and immediately went to pick up Miss Boo who was off-base with a friend.

We made our way back to base, and stopped by the Naval Aviation Museum before getting ready for dinner.



Miss Boo wanted sushi. We googled Pensacola’s best sushi spots, and ended up at Ichiban. It was great sushi! And very authentic; they had the cubby booths where you have to remove your shoes, and warm hand towels! Fancy! 😉


Note to self: do not wear a brand new white shirt when soy sauce is involved. 😦



Miss Boo and I started our day with an early run. It was actually more sightseeing than running, but it was fun and it got us out there. But, not before a little yoga stretching…


Our run started on the trail…



and ended up on the beach…



I had a minor lapse of judgement and got the brainiac idea to take off our shoes for some barefoot beach running. it was nice at the time, but then how do you get your shoes back on when you have no towel?!


After a quick snack in our hotel rooms, we got our nails done, and then picked up Miss Boo’s little boyfriend and went to the lighthouse on base. It’s a very neat thing to see, and for a small admission fee you can roam the historic grounds, museum, and walk up the winding stairs.



I’ve always kind of had a weird thing with heights, but this lighthouse definitely made it clear that I have a full blown fear of heights. The stairs were not fun; I was profusely sweating and getting very dizzy- I made it, but I will NOT do that again.

View from the top!
View from the top!

For dinner, we went to Crabs- We Got ‘Em on Pensacola Beach. It was awesome…and pricey. I went all out and ordered Dungeness Crab for dinner. It was so so so good, but boy was it a project.



This place is right on the water and beautiful, plus they had a pretty decent band playing. AND! While we were eating the lead Blue Angels plane (Fat Albert) whizzed by. Like right by! I am a huge Blue Angels fan and just about fell off my seat I was so excited.


Miss Boo had to work, and I had every intention of waking up to go for a run, but…well, you know. 😉 When I did finally wake up, I could hear jets practicing outside, so I went to watch and take pictures like a dork.

LOVE watching the jets practice!
LOVE watching the jets practice!

Mom and I took our time getting ready, then we brought Miss Boo lunch and ran some errands until she got off work.

Miss Boo: serious vs. silly.
Miss Boo: serious vs. silly.

After we picked her up, we went to Moe’s Monday (at Boo’s request) and then took her around to get a few things she needed.


I woke up super early (5:30) to get a run in. I was sure it wasn’t going to be too hot, but…I was wrong. Oh my! It was so sticky out!


I got in just under 3 miles before I had to get back to get ready for Miss Boo’s graduation.

The graduation ceremony was small and very nice. I’m so proud of my baby sister, and am so happy I was able to be there for her.


After the ceremony, we went back to our room to finish packing and load up. This cart was so awesome, I really thought about stealing it…


We took Boo to lunch (Taco Tuesday at Tijuana Flat’s), and then dropped her off at the movies with her roommate Kelsey and her family. They only live a few hours away, so were going to be able to stay in town longer. We said our goodbyes, and mom and I started our trek back home (just before 12:30). After a couple short stops (and one time change) we made it to my parents house just before 8:30.

Looking back, we had a ton of fun! I’m so proud of Boo and can’t wait to see all the great things she accomplishes. She doesn’t yet have her orders, but wherever she goes, I know she’ll do great. 🙂

And, for some random fun, these make GREAT snacks!




Questions of the day

Do you like road trips?

And, yes it’s Thursday, but…tell me the most exciting thing you did all weekend?

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