Is it Friday yet…oh wait!

Good morning and happy happy Friday!

Oh my, Friday you have never looked so good. 😉

This has not been my favorite week, and I’m so looking forward to a girl’s getaway this weekend. Mom and I are heading out bright and early tomorrow and making the drive up to Pensacola to see Miss Boo.

But first, our Thursday recap…

I had a KIND bar as a late breakfast, and made a salad for the Salad Pool for lunch. This salad included: romaine, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, green onions, purple onions, mushrooms, strawberries, feta cheese, chia seeds, Salad Toppins, croutons, alfalfa sprouts, pecans, walnuts, and a bunch of shredded rotisserie chicken. It felt slightly simpler than the others we’ve had this week, but may have just been my favorite.

I love how I never get tired of this.
I love how I never get tired of this.

I left work just after 5:00 and made my way into Brandon to meet up with my parents to run an errand, and grab a bite to eat. We went to Wow That’s Fresh, and while I had every intention to order a salad, I opted for a burger and fries instead.

This is exactly what I needed
This is exactly what I needed

I also cracked and had a Sprite earlier in the day. I still feel like my Healthy Living “project” is going well, and I don’t feel guilty for my dinner selection. I’ve been keeping up with healthier snack options throughout the day which is HARD for me.

After dinner, I went by Costco and Publix to pick up salad fixins for next week since I will be out of town for the next few days. I then made my way home and immediately crashed with zero energy to do anything more than watch a chick flick. Legally Blonde was my choice for the night! It’s so silly, but I love it!

Question of the day

Go to chick flick?

–Legally Blonde, Steel Magnolias, View From the Top (when I’m really feeling down), Beaches, and the list goes on and on)

15 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet…oh wait!

  1. Huge burger.! lol. good job on staying healthy.!
    and chick fliks are the best. I love to watch a chick flick while I go to sleep. Haven’t done that in forever though.! My “go-to” one is “Something Borrowed” love it.!

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