Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

I have been enjoying a great weekend over here, and hope that yours has been just as good! My weekend has been active and relaxing all at the same time, and I love that!

It’s been a couple days, so let’s get to the recap…


Friday was a great end to the work week. It was national Donut Day and I definitely got in my fair share of donuts. Looking back it may have been overkill, but those sprinkles are hard to turn down. 😉

Happy Donut Day!

I received a special delivery at the office! My parents are so sweet and sent me a little show of appreciation for all the time I’ve spent helping out mom these past couple weeks. This was completely unexpected and so not necessary; for all they have ever done for me, I have been happy to help out.

Pretty and pink!
Pretty and pink!

It was “Friday Night Date Night” so for dinner, the Boy and I went to Smokey Bones.

Somebody is excited for date night

I enjoyed an incredibly yummy grilled chicken salad. Lately restaurant salads have not been doing it for me, but this one was GOOD.

Grilled chicken salad with goat cheese, pecans, and cranberries. YUM!

We then went over to Barnes & Noble and spent some time browsing the shelves.


We slept in Saturday morning, and did not get up until close to 11:30. The Boy made us pancakes for breakfast and then I spent the next few hours being lazy and catching up on blog reading and research.

The rain forced me to bring my run inside. But, by time we got to the gym I was just not feeling it. I was in a funky mood and just not feeling the idea of running. I still wanted to try though. It was tough at first- I mean I was at like 1.78 miles and wanting to stop- I kept going and just pushed through the funk and was able to get in a good 5 miles. I hadn’t had much of any water leading up to the run, so I think that definitely played into my lackluster performance.

Luckily I had a good read because my face screams GRUMPY!
5 miles DONE!

If you are having trouble getting used to treadmill running, I HIGHLY suggest you find a treadmill where you can place a book/iPad/Kindle/Nook/phone at eye level and get an Oyster account. It will help your treadmill miles fly by! Lately I have been reading Run by Dean Karnazes and absolutely love it! If that man continues to write books for as long as I live, I will die a very happy girl! 🙂

After the gym, we picked up pizza and salad and headed to my parents house for dinner.

Hungry Howie’s makes one of the best greek salads!

After spending some time chatting with mom and dad, we made our way home and did some reading before watching an episode of Dr. Who.

We both just started watching Dr. Who, and are really enjoying it. Me a little bit more so than the Boy- which is surprising. It’s silly and far-fetched, but the storyline is rather intriguing.


I had planned to wake up early to lay out, but my bed was just so cozy. I got up around 10:30, ate breakfast, and quickly got ready. I had a noon shopping date on the horizon! Michelle (from work) and I had a Tampa shopping day planned. We started at Westshore Plaza, and eventually made our way to International Plaza where we had lunch at Brio.

Strawberry balsamic chicken salad

The stores were having some pretty good sales, and I got a bunch of tank tops and t-shirts, a dress for work, and the cutest pair of running shorts. We definitely shopped until we dropped!

Shopping finds!

The Boy and I grabbed a bite to eat before going to Publix so I could secure Salad Pool fixins for the week ahead. We spent the remainder of our night preparing for the work week and just relaxing.

Question of the day

How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Those donuts are so pretty – I want that pink one, ha! So sweet that your parents sent you those gorgeous roses. I think if I had your treadmill I wouldn’t refer to it as a dreadmill – it looks awesome. Sounds like you had a great weekend!1

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