National Running Day recap and all things running

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Yesterday was National Running Day! I didn’t have a great run, but I got it in and that felt great.

But first…

I made our usual Salad Pool lunch. I really digging the purple and green onions I have been adding; I typically don’t like onions in my salad, but these ones are GOOD.  

Mom went into work for a few hours and asked if I could pick her up in my way over. She had a good day at work and even asked if we could go to Starbucks. How I could I say no to her?

We went by Starbucks and then grabbed PDQ to-go. I opted for a crispy chicken salad and fries.   

I’ve noticed since I have been making my salads no restaurant salad even compares to it. I don’t mean to brag but my salads are BOMB! And…I do kind of mean to brag because salad is like the only thing I can successfully “cook”. 😉

After relaxing for a bit, I got ready for my run. It was a beautiful evening for a run, so I thought.   

Once I started I got hot and sticky really fast, and there were a lot of gnats out. Yeah, pretty sure I swallowed 26.2 of those bad boys in honor of Run Day! It just didn’t feel like a great run, but I feel fortunate everyday that I can run, and for that I feel content.  

I topped off my run with a smoothie, which included: spinach, a banana, festival blend frozen fruit, chia seeds, vanilla protein powder, berry yogurt, water, and ice.  

And now for some random running related things…

I could watch this over and over again…

And this…

My top three podcasts to listen to while running:

  1. The Running Lifestyle Podcast
  2. Marathon Training Academy
  3. Everyday Runners

My top ten favorite running related blogs:

  1. Hungry Runner Girl
  2. Jen Chooses Joy
  3. Peanut Butter Fingers
  4. Mom, Miles, and Mishaps
  5. Veggie Running Momma
  6. Dixie Runs
  7. The Dancing Runner
  8. Sunset Runnings
  9. Inverted Sneakers
  10. Movin it with Michelle

(Please note: this was a tough one because I love ALL the running related blogs)

Question of the day

How did you celebrate National Running Day?

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