Salad pool and kryptonite cake and hibachi dinner with a side of a crazy pup

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. I know mine sure is.

I had a great day yesterday at work, even if my work laptop did not want to play along. Sadness!

For lunch, I whipped together a very yummy Salad Pool salad. I don’t know if I was just super hungry, or what, but this salad was GOOD. This one included: romaine lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, two tiny pink lady apples, avocado, feta cheese, purple onion, green onion, cucumber, Salad Toppins, croutons, and some shredded Costco rotisserie chicken topped with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Salad pool!!
Salad pool!!

I don’t typically like meat on my salad, but the girls at work requested I start incorporating it. This was the first time I actually enjoyed it.

One of my coworkers had HOMEMADE CARROT CAKE delivered to the office by her dad. My kryptonite is carrot cake. Wow! Had the cake pan been just a tad bit bigger I would have crawled into and died. 😉 This stuff was mindblowing!

This is what heaven must look like!
This is what heaven must look like!

After work, I headed over to my parents house. It was pouring out and did not make for a pleasant drive over. My mom had a great day yesterday and was even wanting to get out of the house for a bit. We decided to go to Crazy Cafe for dinner, and met the Boy and Bubba there.

Veggie hibachi dinner
Veggie hibachi dinner

We also enjoyed two types of sushi rolls, but those were devoured before I could take a pic.

Mom is looking good. :)
Mom is looking good. 🙂

I was really itching for a run after dinner, but the rain had other plans. Stupid rain! Since the Boy and I practically closed the gym down Monday night with our late night workout, I got home super late and didn’t actually get to bed until close to 2:00. Yeah, so Tuesday morning was not an easy morning. I was very sleepy all day, and when the rain wouldn’t let up, I called it an off day. And decided to play with this crazy nut…

Questions of the day

How’s the weather been where you are?

How many hours of sleep do you get/need?

—I typically get around 6-7 hours on weeknights

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