7 thoughts on “Motivational Monday #11

  1. That spot in Lakeland is usually where I run..ALOT!! But I would NEVER run in the dark! I don’t even like to do that in my OWN neighborhood!! Do you remember when that woman was attacked while running in the early am around Natures Way in Brandon?? Ever since then….NOPE!!!

    I was in Costco on Sunday….😉

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    • No?!?! When was this? I’m looking it up now. Yikes! Natures Way is in a nice area too, and in the early morning…? Oh my! I feel safe running in my parents neighborhood, but not so much mine.

      Costco happened today for us. That’s too funny!

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      • I remember it now. That one was a sad one. I actually knew the attacker; I worked retail for years in the Valrico area and he was one of my regular customers. He would always come in with his dad. He was definitely mentally challenged to an extent, but he knew the difference between right and wrong. It’s so unfortunate that it had to happen. Those poor girls!


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