Podcast shoutout, solo run, runner safety, and some favorites

Happy Sunday!

The weekend is already almost over, and it feels like it just got here. No worries though! Mom seems to be slowly getting back to herself which is all that I ask for. Still a long road ahead of us for a full recovery, but she was out of bed more today than she was in it. 🙂

Once the sun started to set last night, I headed out for a run and some much needed ME time. It was so great! I wasn’t setting out to hit a certain number, but knew I wanted more than 3 miles. I was definitely in the zone, and kept telling myself, “we’ll turn around at that light”, “no maybe that next light”, and ended up with 6.31 miles. I was listening to my favorite podcast (The Running Lifestyle show), and just about died at 1:13:30 into episode #73, check it out here– you won’t be sorry. 😉

We spent our Sunday over at my parents house; I didn’t set an alarm this morning as I wanted just one day to sleep in. On our way over we stopped by Wawa to get my favorite 79 cent coffee and some breakfast, and by breakfast I mean food because we each got a wrap that most would consider lunch. I opted for a sriracha chicken wrap.

Not a great pic, but it was good!
Not a great pic, but it was good!

I worked on a project for a bit while tending to mom, and then the Boy and I went to the grocery store to get supplies for the upcoming week for us as well as my parents.

For dinner, I made brats on the George Foreman grill, mac and cheese (for mom) and cookies for dessert. And yes, once again the kitchen is not my friend and I forgot to snap a pic.

I got some bad news this evening when I found out the Garth Brooks concert I have a ticket for has been cancelled. Since the Lightning made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, scheduling conflicts have prompted all three concerts this week to be cancelled. I’m a little bummed, but to be perfectly honest I had thought about giving up my ticket to stay home with mom.

Earlier this week my mom was telling me about something she heard on the local news, where a young woman was attacked while out for a run. You can check out the full story here. It happened at a very popular running spot in lakeland- a spot that I have been wanting to try out myself- a spot that is regarded as a nice area. It just goes to show how alert runners (especially female runners) need to be. The girl in this particular instance is very lucky because she was smarter than her attacker and was able to outwit him, but that’s not always the case. Here are some tips I use to stay safe:

  1. Make sure someone knows when you go out for a run and WHERE you are running
  2. If you are running solo, text someone when you are heading out and let them know you will text them when you finish (supply them with an ETA as well)
  3. Run with your phone
  4. Do not leave your keys in your car (carry them on you)
  5. Run during the day in well populated areas
  6. Wear brightly-colored clothing
  7. Check your surroundings and do it frequently
  8. If you must run at night, have your boyfriend accompany you. He doesn’t have to run- he can just be out there walking. 😉
I give two thumbs up to safety!
I give two thumbs up to safety!

Question for the day

What tips do you use to stay safe?

9 thoughts on “Podcast shoutout, solo run, runner safety, and some favorites

  1. Your burrito looks great!! Also, we have had a few instances here where women got attacked while running. I run alone often. My strategy is that I make eye contact and say hello when I pass anyone, but I stop for no one. Sounds mean, but the women who were attacked stopped to help someone who looked like they were in need of help. Sad that our world is coming to this, makes me sound so awful but it’s true!!

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  2. There’s an app called Road ID that provides updates on your run as well as your route to specified people. Also, on a dog forum today I found out about stun batons. These things have a flashlight at the end of the baton and sometimes comes with wrist attachments. I can’t get pepper spray in the state I live in, but I’m thinking about getting this thing!

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    • I have a road ID bracelet, I don’t think I’ve looked into the app though. I will have to check it out! One of my crazy friends gave me a stun gun to carry on my runs; I haven’t done so yet, but as I start to do more and more long runs I most likely will start carrying it.

      A stun baton does sound like a safe option as well! I like that it has a flashlight too.

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  3. I just had my first encounter with someone unfavorable while I was running last week. I used to run with pepper spray all the time, and I think I will start running with it again. Great tips!

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