Catch-up, smoothies for mom, and some marathon training plan reflection

Happy Saturday!

I’m so happy the weekend is finally upon us!

Mom is doing better and better as each day passes, but we still have awhile to go for a full recovery.

Mom was released late Thursday night, and has been home resting since. I was able to get her to drink a smoothie this morning which was the first thing of substance she has had since Thursday.

I worked out of the office Wednesday, half of Thursday, and all of Friday. I’m very lucky that my job (and boss) are flexible and allow me to work remotely.

Being in the hospital for as long as we were, my food choices had not been good (to say the least). Wednesday started out good with a salad for lunch.

It looks a lot better than is tasted.

I followed that up with a couple fresh cookies from Moreno’s Bakery.

Chocolate brownie cookie
I wanted to climb inside this display and just die in there! It was sooo hard NOT to get one of these!

For dinner we ordered pizza because that just seemed simplest.

On Thursday, I made salad pool lunch before leaving the office to head over to the hospital.

Oh gosh! YES, this one was as good as it looks!

It was freezing in mom’s room, so I went down to get coffee and picked up some poppyseed lemon bread.

We were told mom would be discharged in an hour around 4:30; that didn’t end up happening until 8:30. 😦 Because it was so late by time we got to my parents house, we grabbed some burgers from Wendy’s for dinner (it was also National Hamburger Day!).

Our fancy dinner!

I made dinner Friday, and I mean I actually made dinner. I used ground turkey and a mixture of seasonings to make turkey burgers. They even got dad’s seal of approval! Since I never cook, and tend to get a little overwhelmed in the kitchen, I forgot to snap a picture.

Mom can’t eat much solid food for the next two weeks, so I plan on making her a bunch of yummy smoothies. She hasn’t had much of an appetite and has been feeling rather nauseous, so I made a very simple smoothie for her breakfast this morning. This one included: one banana, baby spinach, vanilla protein powder, almost two handfuls of Costco’s festival blend frozen fruit, ice, and 2/3 cup water.

I’ve been putting mom before all else this week, including running and working out. I ran Memorial Day, and was able to get in a mile last night, but other than that my activity has been non existent.

But, I have a marathon coming up in just 25 short weeks, so I need to get with the program… 😉

This has me reflecting on the training program selection process I went through when preparing for WDW. I looked at EVERYTHING out there, a few standouts being:

Jeff Galloway

Women’s Running

Marathon Rookie

When it came to selecting a training program a lot of the ones I looked at featured specialized techniques that I wasn’t wanting to focus on. I was already going to be increasing the amount of running I was used to doing, so for my first marathon my only goal was to finish. I had a number in mind that I wanted to hit, but I never wanted to push myself to get there

My plan now is to devote my efforts to increasing my drive and performance.

For WDW I opted for Hal Higdon’s novice supreme training. I liked this one because it was the “longest”, I realize how weird that is now, but this one just felt simple, and easy to stay on track with- it just felt like it was really designed for a first-timer.

I actually incorporated some of Jeff Galloway’s plan into the Higdon plan. Because my only goal was to reach the finish line injury free, and that is a big part of the Galloway Method.

And some randomness to end things on…

This pup is just so crazy…

I saw this on Instagram yesterday and I LOVE it…

When he’s this cute…

You can’t get mad at him for doing this…

Questions of the day

What training plan are you using now?

How do you select a training plan?

And a random question… what shampoo/conditioner do you use?

—I’ve been using Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie for the past few years, but I think I need to find something new.

7 thoughts on “Catch-up, smoothies for mom, and some marathon training plan reflection

  1. So happy to hear your mom is doing well! I usually put together a training plan for myself, that I’ve just kinda figured out over time. You have some great resources though! Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awe you are seriously the sweetest daughter.!! Glad she is home and starting to eat a little. Both of those salads look soo good. I actually made one today that you would be proud of.!! Lol (made as in took it out of a bag) hahah.
    And I think the women’s running or last one of the training plans look good. I just feel like the first one wouldn’t be pushing you enough. Idk that’s just me.. but that’s awesome that you’re researching all to decide. Idk if ill ever choose to follow a plan… too much commitment. Ha


  3. So glad your mom is home and resting! You are so sweet for making her smoothies and being by her side. Your salad with the strawberries looks amazing! Right now, I have a coach so he designs my training plan. But when I’m not training with anyone, I love Pete Pfitzinger’s “Advanced Marathoning”! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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