A very special birthday message, a Fit2Run fun run, and some tasty salads to-go

Good morning and happy Thursday!

In fact, happy May 21st!

May 21st is my big brother Hayman’s birthday, may he rest in peace.

May 21, 2002. I still remember the day we first met Hayman. He was one of eight born, and was the biggest of the bunch.

Our first family dog; he quickly became so much more than just a dog. He was my best friend and my big brother.

Hayman, I miss you everyday and I love you so much.

happy birthday, Haym!

Yesterday morning I got to the office a few minutes early, so I opened up Facebook. At the top of my newsfeed was a post Boo shared. It’s a great way to start the work day at 8:30 when you are balling your eyes out. It really was a truly beautiful post.

Because of the big project I started at work yesterday, we went ahead and just ordered company lunch for the office. We went with Chipotle and it was delicious! I got a veggie salad with no dressing. Yum!

I was somehow able to talk Mr. Chris into going with me to the Fit2Run Fun Run. Yup, that’s right. I finally went! It was sooo much fun. I don’t know what I was so worried about.  

They bring in sponsors for each run (this one featured Altra and Polar), who will actually let you test out their products during your run. Mr. Chris grabbed a Polar watch to test out.

After the run they even have free smoothies for all the runners. This one was mango.  

I’m looking forward to going back soon. Everyone was super nice, and there were runners of all skill levels.  

I had to head back to the office after our run, but I stopped at Firehouse on the way and picked up a Hook and Ladder salad with no dressing. I swear pepperchinis are like the best things ever! Ever!!  

My other WIAW standouts….

A peanut butter and strawberry smoothie from Smoothie King for breakfast- the flavor was picked for me. I wouldn’t order it myself, but it was tasty.

A single piece of Hershey’s milk chocolate.

A couple sips of lemon-lime Nuun.

A cranberry and almond KIND bar.

A can of Diet Coke and a ton of water.

I got home late, but I truly had a great day. Today I’m looking forward to honoring Hayman’s memory with a trip to his favorite… Menchies. 🙂

Questions of the day

What was your What I Ate Wednesday?

Where did you go running yesterday?

Any other May birthdays to celebrate?

2 thoughts on “A very special birthday message, a Fit2Run fun run, and some tasty salads to-go

  1. i ran around Lake Silver (in WH) yesterday after work! I was sucking some SERIOUS wind!!! It was a HORRIBLE run because it was so HOT!! I had to walk a few times (which pissed me off even more!!).
    ugh…I ate Chinese food, which I LOVE!! But…I didn’t eat that much!

    where do the fit2run runs meet?

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