Grumpy baby, a hot run, and some buffet-fun

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I’m so excited it’s Wednesday, I’m even more excited to resume my new big project at work that we had to postpone last week. 🙂 And! On top of that! Mr. Chris has agreed to accompany me to the Fit2Run Fun Run tonight. Eeh! I’m still a bit nervous, but having my wingman there I know will be awesome! And, we’re just going to go out and have fun!

Yesterday was an okay day. It wasn’t bad or anything, I was just in a poop mood. I haven’t been feeling terribly well, and Monday night I went to bed almost 2 hours earlier than I normally do. I had to make an emergency run down to downtown Tampa yesterday shortly before lunch, and one of the girls in another office asked if I could help with a small favor. This small favor ended up being a little more in-depth than it originally seemed, and ended up taking me 1 1/2 hours- I originally thought I’d be out in 10 minutes. It was right around lunchtime and I hadn’t had breakfast, so I was (to put it lightly) a grumpy baby.

My poor boyfriend!

Since I was going to be downtown I texted him to see if he wanted to meet me for lunch. This was before I started working on the “small favor”, so by time we met up, I wasn’t a happy camper. I tried to not let it ruin my day, but I was just fussy.

We met at Eddie & Sam’s Pizza. It’s on the list of Tampa restaurants to try, but I have had it many times before. It is definitely some yummy pie! We each got the lunch special- 2 giant slices of cheese and a drink.

Yum! And yes, it is as tasty as it looks!
Yum! And yes, it is as tasty as it looks!

I then went to our South Tampa office to finish my day. Right as 5:00 rolled around, I threw on my running clothes and headed over to the Riverwalk. I was still a bit irked (mostly because of a couple other things that happened that afternoon) so I needed to get  a run in to clear my mind. Unfortunately it was so so so hot and sticky out that my run was just kid of blah. But, I was still out there and tried to make the most of it. 🙂

Post-run pics! Somebody needs to work on her selfie face... But, at least I don't have banana in my mouth.
Post-run pics! Somebody needs to work on her selfie face… But, at least I don’t have banana in my mouth.

The Boy and I decided on Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. We both love this place!

Sweet Tomatoes!!
Sweet Tomatoes!!

Afterwards, we came home and I worked on some computer stuff and prep-work for today’s big project.

I can’t wait to tell you all about the Fun Run! Wish us luck! 😉

Questions of the day

How was your run yesterday/today?

Do you like buffets?

—I get kind of weirded out by germs and stuff, so it has to be a special buffet for me to like it.

3 thoughts on “Grumpy baby, a hot run, and some buffet-fun

  1. Your hat is so cute! Ugh my run yesterday was HORRENDOUS. I did 11 miles and it was extremely humid. It was torture, I felt awful AND my pace was not what I wanted. But those days happen…onward!! Have fun at your run!

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