Busy start to the week, quick Costco run, and another round of the Awesome and Random thing in my Facebook Saves

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I had a great Monday, and I hope you did as well!

I loved reading everyone’s race recaps from this weekend. It makes me want to find a race to do much sooner than November’s Route 66. 😉

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. I wanted to wake up earlier than normal, but that didn’t play out so well. I’m going to keep working at it because I’d really like to join the early-morning runners club (yeah, that’s just something I made up- but it sounds like fun, huh?).

For lunch, I made a giant salad for our Salad Pool.

Salad Pool!
Salad Pool!
Up-close salad shot
Up-close salad shot

I really wanted to run after work, but I had a 6:30 meeting to get to…and trust me, they wouldn’t want me showing up all sweating and stinky. So, I grabbed some dinner and headed to our South Tampa office to wait until it was time to go.

I went all out for dinner. Fancy! ;)
I went all out for dinner. Fancy! 😉

I got out of my meeting a bit early and rushed over to Costco. I was planning to go today, but realized that was not going to be the most convenient for me. I was in and out in no time, which was much appreciated.

I spent the rest of my night reading and attempting to see how much bigger I can make my foam roller bruise. Yeah! So this happened. Oh, and yes it is much lovelier in person. It looks like somebody beat me with a wet noodle. 😦

Check out this beauty!
Check out this beauty!

As I was scrolling through Facebook this weekend, I remembered it’s been awhile since our last round of Awesome and Random Things of my Facebook Saves…

You Know You’re A Runner When– the 6th one by Marlon had me rolling. #guilty

An Ode Of Hatred To My Diva Cup– this is disturbing and entirely hilarious!

Ted Talks for when you feel totally burned out

Six Brain Foods for Better Running

The 37 Fittest Dogs of Instagram

10 Healthy Snacks Every Stress Eater Should Keep Handy

Blind Mom Goes In For An Ultrasound, Now Watch What The Doctor Does. I’m Crying!

15 Quotes From Barbara Corcoran About Growing Your Business

The Real Deal With Runderwear

11 Habits of People With Healthy Hair

And, this isn’t awesome or random, but it was in my Saves folder and it’s worth a read. It’s so sad to think of all those that are quietly suffering under what looks to all of those on the outside to be a perfect life.

Split Image

Questions of the day

Did you race this weekend?

Any races coming up?

What’s something awesome and random in your Facebook Saves?

11 thoughts on “Busy start to the week, quick Costco run, and another round of the Awesome and Random thing in my Facebook Saves

  1. ok, this time around I have a bunch of Facebook Saves. lol
    “Hillary Duff Tinder Dates” “That Marathon was More Painful than you Remember” “Do your state’s hospitals serve big macs” haha random huh.? look up the pain one.! it’s pretty interesting..
    I just read the runderwear article. haha interesting. are you thinking of buying a pair.? lol
    and you should definitely do a race before November! that’s a long ways to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Oh boy, I think our friendship is reaching a whole new level here. Haha! I prefer to only wear the shorts with the built-in briefs, but if I ever decide to make the mistake again of getting race shorts with NO built-in brief, yes I will be procuring a pair of runderwear. Gosh! That’s a good idea for a new post. My marathon underwear experience. 😉

      Those are some pretty random saves. I love it! I’m not okay with Lizzie McGuire dancing around like that…or dating. Hehe!

      MY state (actually city) totally does have Big Macs at the hospital. It’s sad, and yeah we’ve totally eaten there.

      And wow, that pain article is super interesting. It makes sense though. I KNOW I was in an immense amount of pain starting at around mile 17 in WDW, but now it just seems “normal”.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahah. Some people wear JUST runderwear to race in. Lol. Idk if I would have enough guts to do that though. I loved lizzie Mcguire growing up.!! Ahh.

        And really.!? Geez. That’s crazy, I had no idea some hospitals had that. And lol. I’ve never ran a marathon, but I could definitely see that. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve seen the rumble roller! That looks so painful. I’ve gotten a few bruises from my foam roller, but nothing like the one I got this weekend. I worry I’d have nothing left after the rumble roller. 😉


  2. That sounds like a long day, wow! Am I crazy that I don’t know what a Facebook Save is?! I need to figure this out!!! I didn’t race this weekend BUT I have Grandma’s Marathon coming up in June.

    Liked by 1 person

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