Every hour should be happy hour but I’ll take it on a Tuesday

Goooood morning and happy Wednesday!

It has been such a great week so far, and we are already almost halfway through. 

Yesterday we had a happy hour event for work, so I got home rather late and then had to make my dinner, and get ready for the day ahead. As I’ve mentioned before, I draft my blog posts the night before I schedule then to post, so I’m going to have to keep this one nice and short. 😉

Salad Pool day #1 kicked of yesterday with a bang! It was great and the girls really enjoyed the salad! Score! A couple of them were leary about the mango salsa, but we’re quickly converted to the world of awesome! 

this salad included: romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, two mandarins, one apple, feta cheese, and mango salsa

After work we met at Game Time in Ybor City for a sponsored happy hour event, where I got my butt handed to me by my boss in air hockey. I thought I was good at air hockey…until I played her. 

It’s also worth mentioning, I suck at Dance Dance Revolution.

Connect Four
And, a little racing

 And, some randomness to end things on… (Because that appears to be my new favorite thing to do)

I’m so stoked this came in. I can’t wait to read it.


And, this is like heaven in a spray bottle. 

Question of the day

How has your week so far? 

One thought on “Every hour should be happy hour but I’ll take it on a Tuesday

  1. ha the arcade place looks like fun. I used to go to one often. but it’s been forever since. (not a Game Time though) we don’t have one of those here.
    Glad you’re having a great week.!

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