Salad pool kickoff and a sticky run

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was definitely a Monday. Not a bad Monday, but definitely a Monday. 😉

I worked in our South Tampa office yesterday. We were supposed to start a large project that I have been looking forward to, but it got postponed, so that was a little upsetting. No worries though!

When lunchtime rolled around, I was crazy busy so when one of the girls offered to pick me up something I said yes. I got a chef salad from Barrow’s. I had never had Barrow’s before; the salad was filling but it wasn’t anything terribly special.

Chef salad from Barrow's
Chef salad from Barrow’s

Once 5:00 rolled around, I quickly changed into my running gear and headed over to the Riverwalk. It was like 92 degrees out, but if I didn’t run then I wasn’t going to have time to later. I’m happy that I pushed myself to get in at least something, but It was just so hot and sticky out and just felt disgusting, that I was only able to get in around 2.5 miles.

After my run I made my way over to Costco to pickup salad fixins’ for the Salad Pool I’m starting at work tomorrow. Whoo! Three girls and I will be pooling our money together and eating salads for lunch. They’re going to be the same salads I always make for lunch, but it’ll be nice that the girls in my office will be sharing in it with me because then I (we, for that matter) won’t be tempted to go out to lunch.

I also picked up some sweet potatoes at Costco, as it has been far too long since I last had one. I baked one in the oven (I usually use the microwave) after I smothered it in coconut oil. It took forever to bake because they are so giant, but it was so so so worth the wait. I topped it with some honey butter as well.

Yummy sweet potato for dinner
Yummy sweet potato for dinner

If you remember my date balls attempt from Sunday, I said I’d share the recipe today if it ended up working out properly. Well…I have no recipe to share with you! 😉

And, some randomness to end things on…

I don’t know how or when this happened, but mosquitos appear to have feasted on my leg…

I guess bugs love...and I need bug spray.
I guess bugs love me…and I need bug spray.

And, these are amazing! As you can see the bag is now empty, and…was purchased less than 2 days ago…

Twizzlers rainbow twists
Twizzlers rainbow twists

Questions of the day

Did you get a Monday run in?

Do you and your coworkers do any sort of lunch pool?

14 thoughts on “Salad pool kickoff and a sticky run

  1. Nope no run on Monday.. I want to get my rest in early on this week. But that sweet potato looks amazing.!!! I can tell that you just took it out of the oven. yumm. Salad pool sounds good. I think I’m going to have a salad for lunch now.! thanks to you 🙂 too bad about the date balls. lol.

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