Happy for the weekend and a fun Friday night

Happy Saturday!

I’m so happy the weekend is finally here. I have a few work-related errands to run today, but I am looking forward to being lazy the rest of the weekend. We’ll see if that actually plays out… 😉

Yesterday was a great great way to end the work week!

I was in South Tampa for the day, and finally got to enjoy a yummy lunch at Datz and dessert at Dough. If you recall, Datz and Dough are on the list of Tampa restaurants I have vowed to visit this year.

Complimentary newspaper-like menu

It’s always so busy when the Boy and I try to go, so Max and I went for a working lunch. We split a couple appetizers and a sandwich, and it was all so good.

Rosemary fries, mac bites, and a holy guacamole mezrah sandwich

I tried not to get too full since I knew I wanted to hit up Dough as well- that’s a hard thing to do at Datz…not leave feeling stuffed.

After lunch, we headed next door to grab one of Dough’s legendary donuts. This place was so cute inside, and reminded me a lot of Serendipity Cafe in Vegas.

How cute is this place?!

I order a chai latte and a s’mores donut. I don’t like marshmallows but I gobbled them up. It was all just so yummy!

Max invited me out for a girl’s night happy hour after work. After a bit of resistance, I agreed to tagalong. I was out of my element, but ended up having a lot of fun…heck, I stayed out almost 3 extra hours than I was planning to.

Max and I met up with Max’s friend Anna and, eventually 2 more friends of Anna joined- Gabriella and Christen.

We started at Malio’s downtown Tampa. Actually! The circular building I’m always posting pictures of- that’s where Malio’s is.

I forgot to snap pics here, but I had the world’s best sangria (ohmigosh, I know I will have dreams about this sangria), blue cheese sliders, and Shrimp Theresa.

After happy hour ended there, we walked over to Anise. I had never even heard of the place, but it was very nice. I had a Sangre “The Blackbird”; a fancy name for white sangria. 😉 It was good, but not as good as Malio’s (although that was red).

We didn’t order any food at Anise, but we probably should have… everything that came by us looked amazing.

After Anise, Max took me back to my car at the office, and then her and Anna went out some more. I was getting sleepy, so I opted out. I got home and was in bed by 11:30.

Looking back, I’m glad I decided to go because it was nice to get out of my comfort zone, and we did have a lot of fun. 🙂

And, for something random to end things on…

THIS is delicious! Who knew I liked cider?!

Question of the day

What do you have planned this weekend?

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