Salad pool and a pooped girls’ lazy night

Good morning and happy Friday!

We made it to Friday! Finally Friday!

I’m not terribly looking forward to the weekend, as I have a lot to do for work, but…at least I get to do it in my pajamas! 😉

My Thursday was pretty good- even though it felt more like a Friday than I would have liked.

For lunch I whipped up a giant salad and shared it with one of my coworkers. I really wish the Boy liked my salads because it makes me happy to make them for others. Actually! A few of the girls in my office and I are going to start a “salad pool”; I’ll get the supplies, make the salad, and then we’ll split the cost. I think it’s going to be really fun!

Anyways though… today’s salad included: romaine lettuce, a little bit of the greens mix I-don’t-quite-care-for-but-didn’t-mind-in-with-this, an apple, avocado, two clementines, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, chia seeds, Costco rotisserie chicken, and mango salsa.

This salad just does not get old
This salad just does not get old

I was hoping to end my day in South Tampa to then meet up with Mr. Chris for a run, but that didn’t quite work out and I didn’t end up leaving the office until 6:00. I was pooped after work and just didn’t have a run in me. I headed home and binged on some Friends while catching up on Facebook and some Runner’s World (online) news.

For dinner, I had chips and mango salsa and half of a frozen veggie pizza (from Costco). The pizza was actually pretty good, and it came three to a box for like $10.

Sorry for the bad pic, but look at all that flavor
Sorry for the bad pic, but look at all that flavor

Even though I had zero energy, I’ve been doing pretty good about keeping up with planks and foam rolling, so I made sure to get that in before heading up to bed. This is a new thing for me because I am not usually good about either of these…

Question of the day

Did you get a run in yesterday (or today)?

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