WIAW Recap and some running pet peeves

Good morning and happy Thursday!

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! I know I sure did!

Yesterday was What I Ate Wednesday; I didn’t do a great job of tracking everything, but here goes:

Breakfast: two cups of Newman’s Special Blend k-cup coffee and a couple handfuls dark chocolate almonds.

Lunch: I had every intention to eat the salad I brought for lunch, but when Michelle asked if I wanted something from Taco Bell (yeah, I know.) I said yes. I had a burrito supreme and a cool ranch Doritos taco supreme.

Afternoon snacks: Okay, now…it’s WIAW and this is MY blog, so no judging. 😉 I had (combined) 3 buttered rolls from Grandpa Johnson’s BBQ.

Dinner: I went to Mr. Penguin after my run and enjoyed a blue raspberry vanilla gelati, and then came home and had chicken lettuce wraps topped with avocado and mango salsa, with the remaining avocado on the side. I need to work on my lettuce wrap-making skills, but it was super yummy!

WIAW dinner
WIAW dinner

After-dinner snack: small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with cashew milk.

I was woken up super early yesterday morning because of a small issue with the alarm system at one of our offices. I had to actually get up and out of bed in order to fix the issue, and once I got back into bed, I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I stayed in bed until my normal wake-up time, but that really just killed my sleep. So… by late afternoon I was dragging butt.

I left the office much later than I had wanted (almost 6:00), and quickly made my way to downtown Tampa to meet up with Max for a run.

I was just about to where I like to park when I remembered that the Lightning were playing- that meant the parking lot was going to be slammed. I had to change our parking/meet-up spot, which also forced a route change for the run. It wasn’t a big deal, but for some reason I get really content with my running plans and when I have to alter them it throws me off big time. It’s definitely a running pet peeve of mine.

Some additional running pet peeves…

  • I can’t stand it when my hands get sweaty and/or chalky
  • I can’t stand it when my hair gets in my face
  • I can’t stand a minty post-brush or minty-gum taste in my mouth

I told Max I wanted to get in 3 miles; we ended up with 3.3. And, I was very proud of her strong finish! 😉

Pics from our Wednesday run…




Questions of the day

What was your WIAW?

Running pet peeves?

2 thoughts on “WIAW Recap and some running pet peeves

  1. Looks like a beautiful run you guys had.!! and sounds like you’re turning her into a runner 😉
    I’m like the opposite of your running pet peeves. haha I like when my mouth is still minty on my run and I hate when my hands are cold, so I would much rather keep my gloves on still until they get sweaty. lol
    Running pet peeve of mine is when my headphones wont stay in place. Also when I can’t decided if it’s a sweater type of weather or not..


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