Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was a great day! I got a lot done and had a great time doing it!

I was bad with my breakfast, mostly because I skipped it. I did snack on some dark chocolate almonds leading up to lunch though. My lunch was so tasty! I enjoyed one of my ginormous salads- just the way I like- but this time I included some shredded rotisserie chicken from Costco. Yum!

This salad included: romaine lettuce, an apple, two clementines, avocado, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, croutons, chia seeds, chicken, and mango salsa.
This salad included: romaine lettuce, an apple, two clementines, avocado, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, croutons, chia seeds, chicken, and mango salsa.

After work, Michelle and I had plans for some running! We headed over to this cute little .5 mile loop around a pond that is just down the road from our office.

Pre-run pic!
Pre-run pic!

Unfortunately, she had to call it quits early on in the run. I continued on and was able to get in my desired 3 miles (actually 3.19). And, when you add on the .63 that I did with Michelle, I’m good with it! 😉 The run felt great… even though it was stupid hot out!

There sure is a lot of purple happening here!
There sure is a lot of purple happening here!

Afterwards, I headed home and did some core work before showering and making dinner.

In honor of Cinco De Mayo I got wasted on margaritas! Hah! KIDDING!

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, I enjoyed some tasty chicken burritos for dinner. I wrapped romaine lettuce around some shredded chicken and topped it with a little mayo; on the side, I had two clementines and an apple.

Cinco De Mayo dinner!
Cinco De Mayo dinner!

It was very simple and rather filling. I will definitely keep this option around, and will have to play around with my burrito fillings.

And now, it’s time for a confession…

I’m not very social. I get anxious meeting new people and experiencing new things. For the last year and a half, I have been trying to talk myself into going to the Fit2Run Fun Run in Tampa Wednesday nights. I don’t think (with this) my issue is in the whole meeting-new-people thing. I think it’s because I’m not used to running with a group, and I’m worried they are going to leave me in the dust. I’m a reasonable enough person to understand that is unlikely to happen, even if I am a slow runner. But, for some reason I just keep allowing myself to create excuse after excuse after excuse.

Okay, but hear me out…

I’ve been recruiting running buddies the last couple weeks. Not experienced runners, just friends/coworkers that want to be more active. They may not want to or may not be able to (at this time) put in the mileage I want to put in, but they are still out there making an effort. And, it’s fun when you have someone right there with you! So, they are kind of inspiring me to want to make the leap.

I already have running-buddy dates planned for today and tomorrow, and I don’t want to cancel on them (or force them to do something they are not prepared for), but I think I’m going to put it here now- in writing… next week I will attend a group fun run.

Oh boy! Now I can’t breathe! 😉

And, for something random…

I am addicted to marathon-watching episodes of Friends. AND! The leather-pants episode where Ross gets stuck in the bathroom had me on the floor dying! Ohmigosh! You forget how funny some of this stuff is…

Questions of the day

Group runs: yay or nay?

And, do you get nervous?

5 thoughts on “Confession

  1. yay.! what a huge step on committing to doing a group fun run.! I have a feeling..that you’re going to really like it. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. I’m actually not a social person at all. I do get shy, but it’s more of being a routine and loner type of person. So I never meet new people either. haha. maybe if my schedule wasn’t so busy than I would try to

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  2. I have never been big on group runs, only because I feel like THEY are the real runners and I am an imposter!! I like running with a buddy!! Catching up with friends..trying to convince them to do a race with me (NEVER happens!!). I am not fast but I am not slow either, so it’s hard to find a middle of the road runner, like myself (<<<<<<——-did I just call myself a RUNNER?????)

    Since we are close to each other, maybe a Saturday WE could link up on a run! I"d talk enough for both of us….;-)

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