It was a Starbucks-at-night kind of day

Good morning and happy Tuesday! 

 I have some fun in store for today after work, but first… 

My Monday was good, but kind of blah. I wasn’t feeling terribly well and that lasted until early afternoon. I was also crazy preoccupied and didn’t take a single picture of my delicious lunch salad OR my tasty sushi dinner. Fail! 😦

I ended my day in South Tampa and then went to dinner with a coworker before heading to a brainstorming session for one of our clients.

Afterwards, I headed over to my parents to say hi since they just got back from their weekend in Pensacola.

To sum up my Monday, these were the highlights from my day…

Starbucks at 8:00 at night. Yeah it was that kind of a day!  

And, thank you Mr. Chris for sharing this little gem…


On a random note, I am loving these…  

And this…  


Oh! And today is the day I’ll find out if I got picked in the Chicago Marathon lottery. I didn’t tell you about that one, huh?! 😉

Question of the day

How was your Monday?   

12 thoughts on “It was a Starbucks-at-night kind of day

  1. oooh Chicago Marathon.! hope you get in girl.!! 🙂
    and yum.! I love all kinds of chips, and don’t hesitate to eat the whole bag, haha

    Liked by 1 person

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