Boston Marathon Day and a busy start to the week

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was marathon day…Boston Marathon day, that is. It was the 119th anniversary of the event.

I really should have planned my vacation better because I so wanted to be home watching nothing but the live coverage; instead, I had to sneak it in every so often at work…not very easy to do on your first day back from being off for a week and especially not easy when you are training a new hire… 😉

Watching the live coverage, seeing the runners cross the finish line, and just looking at pictures from the race, it’s just so inspiring. One day…

My Monday was all-around pretty good. I always hate how much I drag butt after coming back from vacation, but it wasn’t too bad this time. It was a hectic day though, so the time certainly flew by.

I wanted to get into the office early and didn’t wake up with enough time to allow me to make a smoothie, so I had an avocado for breakfast. Yum! For lunch, I whipped up one of my tasty and delicious salads; today’s included: romaine lettuce, baby spinach, feta cheese, an orange, an apple, cherry tomatoes, croutons, fried onions, and mango salsa.

Tasty lunch
Tasty lunch

I keep forgetting about the shrimp I bought for my salads- maybe I should put a reminder on my calendar…

After work, I headed over to the gym and met up with a couple coworkers that were already there. We did a little cardio and then worked our arms.

When I got home, I was bouncing off the walls. I may have had a bit too much coffee today. I was just hoping I’d make it to gym #2 for my run before I crashed from all the sugar… I didn’t. 😦

Neither one of us felt like cooking, so we ordered pizza and a yummy greek salad from Hungry Howie’s.

Greek Salad from Hungry Howie's
Greek Salad from Hungry Howie’s

And, some randomness to end things on…

I have been LOVING the Running Lifestyle podcast! I listened to it first on the cruise, and quickly fell in love. It’s so natural and relatable.

I was reading the April issue of Runner’s World and flipped the page to the Rave Run feature, and was stunned by the beautiful image…. I just about fell off my seat when I realized it’s right in my backyard. How have I not heard about Weedon Island before?!

Questions of the day

Did you watch Boston’s live coverage?

How was your start to the week?

5 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Day and a busy start to the week

  1. My start to my week is pretty busy also. I’m learning new things at work, so that’s nice 🙂
    and I have to try that mango salsa, you and other bloggers always rave about it, and it sounds so good.!


  2. I wish I could have seen the marathon coverage live!! I did see pictures from the event… so inspiring!

    Weedon Island looks so beautiful and the perfect place for a run!! That is awesome you are so close!


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