Random Running Fun and Games

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

A big thanks to Hungry Runner Girl for inspiring the first part of today’s special post.

Would You Rather- Running Edition

Would you rather come across a snake or a rat while out for a run?   

—I’ve come across both, and while I would prefer to never have to experience either one ever ever again, I would rather encounter a rat.

Would you rather have to run for the next 6 months without a GPS watch or without your music?  

—I cannot run without my GPS watch. The first time I forgot my watch, I almost drove the 20 minutes back to my house to retrieve it… 

Would you rather have the first half of your run be uphill or the second half of your run be uphill?

—first half uphill

Would you rather run your next 5 miler without shoes or without a sports bra? 

—without a sports bra. I live in Florida. Asphalt gets hot! And well…there’s not terribly much in need of support there… 😉

Would you rather explore a new area that you have never been to before for your next run or stick to your normal favorite running loop?

—new area. I get bored easily.  

Would you rather never have to stretch again after a run or never have to do core work again in order to stay injury free?  

—never have to stretch again

Would you rather run with a blister on your foot or run with a side cramp?

—blister please! I have weird (sweaty) feet, so it’s not uncommon for me to be running with blisters.

Would you rather get a brand new pair of running shoes for free or get a brand new running outfit for free?

—running shoes, but only if I get to pick the make/model. 😉 My feet are finicky.

Would you rather do a huge race with spectators all along the course or do a small race without all of the extra stress of a big race?

—I need spectators! They make it fun!

And, a big thanks to Jen Chooses Joy for inspiring the second half of this post…

Favorite Running Location? 
—Bayshore Blvd at sunset
Time of Day? 
—9:30 PM.
Ideal Weather?
—64 degrees
—Honey Stinger waffles
—Garmin Forerunner 220, Brooks Ghost 7, and running belt(s).
I love love love this one, but…
am having to get used to this one thanks to my giant phone.
6. Rewards?
That was fun! Now it’s your turn…

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