It’s Friday, T-minus 2 days, and some productive fun

Good morning and happy Friday!

I can’t believe we’re down to T-minus 2 days and counting. I am so looking forward to our cruise!

This week has been great, and all-around super productive.

Yesterday I enjoyed a probiotic-enriched Suja juice for breakfast. It was a very interesting flavor- at times almost bland, and rather seedy. And, we all know how I feel about inconsistencies in texture.

Suja Sunrise Probiotic for breakfast
Suja Sunrise Probiotic for breakfast

As a post breakfast snack I had a blueberry KIND bar, and it was very very yummy.

For lunch I made a delicious salad of: romaine lettuce, avocado, apple, feta cheese, chia seeds, and mango salsa and that’s all because I forgot my croutons. I forgot my crispy onions. I forgot my shrimp. And! I thought I lost my orange but ended up finding it in my car after work.

Yummy salad for lunch, ad only missing a few things...
Yummy salad for lunch, and only missing a few things…

After work, a couple of us girls headed over to the gym. I did a nice core workout, and then finished with some cardio (i.e walking on the treadmill). Afterwards, I headed over to my parents house to take Smoke out and to get in my run. Smoke was more excited to have his harness put on then he was to get outside. It also took longer to get it on him, then the time we actually spent outside. I’m not giving up on him though; we will get there!

For my run, I did some sprinting. I think I picked too far of a distance to sprint because I was only able to do half the “laps” I intended to do.

I listened to an interesting podcast today about being more conscious and present. In it, there was an interesting piece of wisdom shared in which Jody Kaylor (the lady being interviewed) advises us to approach life as a puppy going on his daily walk. You know, it’s the same route he does every day, maybe even twice a day, and yet he tackles it like it’s the first time and is just exploring and so excited to see and smell everything.

How precious is that?!

Today’s podcasts included:

Episode 62 of Consciously Speaking

Episode 42: “Run Your Own Pace. Run Your Own Race. Don’t Get Caught Up in the Hype” of Conscious Runner

And here’s some random fun…

I saw a peacock walking down the street on my way to my parents house. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that so cool! (No picture because I was driving).

And, this bad boy is too much fun!

The ab coaster = fun fun fun!
The ab coaster = fun fun fun!

Questions of the day

What podcasts do you listen to?

Any machine and/or piece of equipment at the gym that you get a kick out of? (Or, am I just crazy???)

7 thoughts on “It’s Friday, T-minus 2 days, and some productive fun

  1. oooh never heard of those podcasts I will need to check them out now.! umm..idk I used to listen to the Rich Roll Podcast, and a couple other running ones. Just whatever running I’ll listen to 🙂

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  2. Ohhhhh seedy drinks are not my thing lol and you use that ab machine too eh’ 🙂 it gives the core a good workout but it’s like you’re not working out on that thing. My new favorite toy is the ARC Trainer. The podcast I listen to is Marathon Training Academy

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