WIAW, some random podcasting fun, some deep thoughts, and some fussy footwork

Hello and happy Wednesday (again)!

I’ve been enjoying this whole What I ate Wednesday thing; it helps me keep better track of what I’m consuming, it helps me to be more accountable, and… I always start the day with the best intentions.

So, let’s kick things off…


I enjoyed a Suja juice on my way to the office, and an avocado while my coffee was brewing. I had one cup of sweetened coffee this morning.

Suja on the go
Suja on the go


For lunch I threw together a large salad with: romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, an apple, an orange, chia seeds, feta cheese, crispy onions, croutons, and mango salsa. It just never gets old! Yummy!

Yummy salad for lunch
Yummy salad for lunch

Afternoon snacks

I had a piece of gum and a couple mints after lunch to get rid of my salad breath.

I love these! The Easter Bunny had these in my "basket"; they remind me of the mints Victoria's Secret used to sell.
I love these! The Easter Bunny had these in my “basket”; they remind me of the mints Victoria’s Secret used to sell.

And, I tried to finish this, but the flavor was just too much for me.

Honey Mustard KIND bar. I love KIND bars. I ove honey mustard. I do NOT love the two combined.
Honey Mustard KIND bar. I love KIND bars. I ove honey mustard. I do NOT love the two combined.

By late afternoon I was hitting a wall and polished off a bag of Panera potato chips, two mini bags of M&M’s, and a snack-size Snickers.


I stopped by Target after work and knew I needed to get something quick otherwise I’d end up making a not-so-wise food choice; I picked up a Bolthouse Daily Greens juice and was very proud of myself for selecting that over a Five Guys burger… until I got to my parents house… There may have been carrot cake. I also completely destroyed a chocolate bunny. And, then of course, the cup of coffee I felt I needed at 9:00.

Bolthouse Juice for dinner
Bolthouse Juice for dinner
They should change carrot cake's name to "dangerous"
They should change carrot cake’s name to “dangerous”
I destroyed that bunny! Smokey wanted the foil...
I destroyed that bunny! Smokey wanted the foil…

Asides from food, the rest of my day was pretty great. It was a very productive day I felt. Work just kind of flew by.

I had planned on going to the gym and/or running after work, but by time 5:00 rolled around I just felt exhausted. I was convinced if I went home, I’d fall right to sleep. I put on my workout clothes because: 1) they are so much more comfy than regular clothes, and 2) I was hoping it’d motivate me to get moving.

It was so hot when I left the office (92 degrees), I opted to go to Target before doing anything else. While I was there, I decided I did want to run. I forgot my running belt at home, so instead of going to Tampa I headed over to my parents house. I bought Smokey a new harness, and wanted to test that out on his practice run. He seemed to like the harness, but wasn’t feeling the run today. He’s really struggling and I’m not sure what I can do to help him, asides from just easing him into it.

Check me out in my new harness...
Check me out in my new harness…

After taking him back home, I had a nice solo run around the perimeter of my parents neighborhood. It was just under 2 miles, but it felt great!

I started my run wearing Skechers GoRun’s, and immediately (like I didn’t even get past the length of two houses) my feet were saying, “Nope! Not in these shoes!” It was so weird! I haven’t run in them in awhile, but I wasn’t setting out to run too many miles and usually my stubbornness can push through most anything. Luckily though I had my Brooks with me because I turned around and quickly swapped out my shoes. I’ve noticed some other weird things with my feet lately (like swelling up in [work] shoes I’m used to wearing) and I really want to know when they decided to become such divas.

On my run, I had an idea…I wonder if I listen to podcasts on positive psychology if my running will be improved. It’s an interesting theory that I’m looking forward to testing out.

After my run, I did some nice stretching and some core-work. Smokey thought I could use some help…

Oh, I'm sorry, are you planking here?
Oh, I’m sorry, are you planking here?

Once I got home, I foam rolled while creating some podcast playlists.

Questions of the day

What’s your WIAW?

What running shoes do you wear? Do you always stick with the same brand?

How many pairs of running shoes do you own?

14 thoughts on “WIAW, some random podcasting fun, some deep thoughts, and some fussy footwork

  1. Carrot cake is my fav!! You’re so lucky it’s 92 there! I’m in Upstate NY and it cold and cloudy. I haven’t worked out in forever but I’m inspired by your post. I gotta stop making excuses! It’s just so hard to go to the gym when I’d rather be outside. The honey mustard strong bar looked interesting. I kinda wanna try it 🙂


    • I don’t think there is anything more dangerous than carrot cake! It’s almost too delicious! 😉

      It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we put our minds to something. I’m trying to be more aware of when I make excuses, and figuring out the underlying reason behind it. It’s so much easier than done though.

      I hope you do find the motivation to get back out there, but take it easy and don’t force it.

      If you try the honey mustard bar, let me know what you think.

      Thank you for reading! 🙂


  2. Your food looks great! Especially that carrot cake… yum! 🙂

    I run in Nike Fees and they work pretty well for me. I am still looking for that “perfect” running shoe…

    I really like your idea of listening to positive psychology podcasts during runs. Looking forward to hearing how that goes!


  3. I love Asics brand running shoes. I have several pairs of those – one pair I interchange with my “new” pair, and another pair I use when it’s raining. I also have Salomon trail running shoes (great!) and some Reebok walking/running shoes that I mainly use for walking. Sad, eh? LOL

    I’ll be interested in your positivity podcast while running experience! 🙂


  4. Yes definitely do the podcast thing.! I love it, and will keep you wanting to run more so that you can keep listening.
    and I always run in Asics, I love them. I only have one pair of running shoes at a time. and it’s time for new ones again. Pooey I should really get more so that I don’t run through them so fast. but aughh they’re just so spendy. lol


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