Can somebody please call me a WAMbulance!

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was a great day…until it wasn’t.

I got to work a bit early- like 10 minutes, which for me is a lot. Right off the bat my morning was go-go-go. I like the rush of it, but it was definitely a two cups of coffee kind of morning. I forgot to get bottled juice over the weekend (mostly because I remembered on Sunday when everything was closed), so I just had a KIND bar for breakfast.

For lunch, the office ordered Carrabba’s. I wasn’t in the office when they were placing the order so I asked one of the girls to pick a salad at random for me; she selected the Parmesan crusted chicken salad. I ended up giving the chicken to one of our IT guys when the shrimp from his shrimp salad was missing. The salad was very very tasty (and I’m not a huge Carrabba’s fan). It even included artichoke- my favorite!!

I ended my day in Brandon and headed over to my parents house as we had plans to go to East Coast for my “brother” Kris’s birthday. I use the term “brother” loosely as he isn’t my brother, he’s just very close with my family. The white pizza we ordered was not very good, so now we know to stick with sausage. 😉


Getting back to my parents house is when my day turned upside down. Stepping out of the car, my iPhone fell off my lap and face-down on the concrete. This is my fourth (maybe) fifth iPhone and I have NEVER cracked the screen…until now. I am always super super careful and will rush to Invisible Shield immediately after buying any new Apple gadgetry. I am so upset! It’s not horrible, but it’s bad enough.


I drowned my sorrows in a bag of Jelly Belly and will be going to Apple as soon as they open this morning.


P.S. There is something very wrong with this ratio


Question of the day
Have you ever cracked the screen of your phone?

4 thoughts on “Can somebody please call me a WAMbulance!

  1. Fortunately no phone face crack-age in my history as of yet but I must say jelly belly’s was definitely the way to soothe the blunder lol. That ratio is totally wrong … what’s up with the black jelly belly overload ha! 😛


  2. I’ve never cracked the screen of my phone.. but my husband is notorious for it.. I wanna say like 3 or 4 phones. Luckly he knows how to fix them also.
    Jelly Belly’s are so good.! haven’t had them in foreverrr.


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